Based on registration, participants to the connectathon need to perform a series of test in order to be successful. Some of the tests need to be performed ahead of the connectathon and some need to be performed during the connectathon.

Pre-Connectathon Testing

 All participants are required to run a series of software tests in advance of the Connectathon. These tests, typically done with tools provided by IHE, are designed as auditing tests to make sure you have prepared in advance; these are not full test suites or certification tests for a profile.

During the Connectathon each IHE actor/profile combination is assigned a series of unit and system tests to perform. When a system completes the required set of tests with the required number of partners, the Connectathon managers update an electronic database to indicate that the participant completed that suite of tests. After the Connectathon is completed and after several days of review, all results that indicate completed testing are published in a common database/webserver.

The IHE Connectathon is a week-long testing event managed by sponsoring organizations. Currently there are events annually in North America, Europe and Asia. The major goal of the Connectathon is to promote the adoption in commercially available healthcare IT systems of the standards-based interoperability solutions defined by IHE. The Connectathon serves as an industry-wide testing event where participants can test their implementations with those of other vendors.



IHE Integration Statements are documents prepared and published by vendors to describe the conformance of their products with the IHE Technical Framework. They identify the specific IHE capabilities a given product supports in terms of IHE actors and integration profiles.


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