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ITI46ITI46VAL-001reviewedTestable 1 0 SHALL be identical to 11:59:23 AM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-002reviewedTestable 1 0 SHALL NOT have any value239Section 11:59:23 AM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-003reviewedTestable 1 0 The provider organization needs to be identified by an id attribute, and at least one of address, telecommunications address, or contact person to be present.239Section 11:59:23 AM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-004reviewedTestable 1 0 attribute SHALL have only a root239Section 11:59:23 AM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-005reviewedTestable 1 0 At least one of the id attributes of the Patient class SHALL have a root component matching the value of 11:59:23 AM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-006reviewedTestable 1 0 The focal entity choice is restricted to be only a person240Section 2:23:47 PM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-007reviewedTestable 1 0 Patient.statusCode attribute is fixed to "active"240Section 11:59:23 AM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-008reviewedTestable 1 0 patientPerson.classCode attribute is required240Section 11:59:23 AM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-009reviewedTestable 1 0 patientPerson.determinerCode attribute is required240Section 11:59:23 AM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-010reviewedTestable 1 0 The value of interactionId SHALL be set to PRPA_IN201302UV02242Section 2:23:58 PM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-011reviewedTestable 1 0 The value of processingModeCode SHALL be set to T242Section 2:23:58 PM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-012reviewedTestable 1 0 The value of acceptAckCode SHALL be set to AL242Section 2:23:58 PM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-013reviewedTestable 1 0 There SHALL be only one receiver Device242Section 2:23:58 PM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-014reviewedTestable 1 0 The trigger event code ControlActProcess.code SHALL be set to PRPA_TE201302UV02242Section 2:23:58 PM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-015reviewedTestable 1 0 RegistrationEvent.statusCode SHALL be set to active242Section 2:23:47 PM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-016reviewedTestable 1 0 There SHALL be no InReplacementOf act relationship for these interactions242Section 2:23:47 PM by aboufahj
ITI46ITI46VAL-017reviewedTestable 1 0 SHALL be expressed as an ISO OID239Section 11:59:23 AM by aboufahj