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This scope gathers all the assertions which applies in the context of the Patient Demographics Query (PDQ) integration profile.

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ITI21ITI21-1Patient Demographics Query [ITI-21] transaction references the following chapters from the HL7 Version 2.5 standard: Chapter 2 - Control Chapter 3 - Patient Administration Chapter 5 - Query
ITI21ITI21-10A Patient Demographics Supplier shall support at least one patient identifier domain
ITI21ITI21-11A Patient Demographics Supplier may support multiple identifier domains
ITI21ITI21-12Query responses may return patient identifiers from 0, 1 or multiple patient identifier domains.
ITI21ITI21-13When more than one patient information source is available, Field MSH-5-Receiving Application specifies the patient information source that this query is targeting.
ITI21ITI21-15The Patient Demographics Supplier shall return the value received in MSH-5 in MSH-3-Sending Application of the RSP^K22 response.
ITI21ITI21-16A list shall be published of all Receiving Applications that the Patient Demographics Supplier supports, for the Patient Demographics Consumer to choose from.
ITI21ITI21-17Each query is processed against one and only one source of patient demographic information.
ITI21ITI21-19In a multiple-domain environment, QPD-8 may be used to identify one or more domains of interest to the Patient Demographics Consumer and from which the Consumer wishes to obtain a value for PID-3-Patient Identifier
ITI21ITI21-2The Patient Demographics Consumer shall conduct a Patient Demographics Query with an HL7 QBP^Q22^QBP^Q21 message
ITI21ITI21-20If QPD-8 is empty, the Patient Demographics Supplier shall return all Patient IDs known by the Patient Demographics Supplier for each patient that matches the search criteria.
ITI21ITI21-21If QPD-8 is specified and the domains are recognized, the Patient Demographics Supplier shall return the Patient IDs for each patient that matches the search criteria
ITI21ITI21-22Any domain transmitted in QPD-8 and not recognized by the Patient Demographics Supplier is an error condition.
ITI21ITI21-23In a single-domain environment, the Supplier shall always return the identifier from the Patient ID Domain known by the Patient Demographics Supplier
ITI21ITI21-24In a single-domain environment, QPD-8 may be ignored by the Patient Demographics Supplier
ITI21ITI21-26The Patient Demographics Consumer shall be able to support at least one of the following mechanisms for specifying QPD-8: 1. Transmit an empty value and receive all identifiers in all domains known by the Patient Demographics Supplier (one or more domains), or 2. Transmit a single value and receive zero or more identifiers in a single domain, or 3. Transmit multiple values and receive multiple identifiers in those multiple domains.
ITI21ITI21-27The Patient Demographics Consumer Actor may request that responses to the query be sent, using the HL7 Continuation Protocol, in increments of a specified number of patient records
ITI21ITI21-28The Patient Demographics Supplier Actor shall support the HL7 Continuation Protocol.
ITI21ITI21-29The Patient Demographics Supplier Actor shall be capable of accepting, searching on, and responding with attributes in the QPD segment as specified in Table 3.21-2
ITI21ITI21-3The Patient Demographics Consumer Actor shall generate an HL7v2.5 QBP^Q22 query message whenever it needs to select from a list of patients whose information matches a minimal set of demographic data