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This scope gathers the assertions which apply in the context of the Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b) integration profile

446 Assertions in Scope


Id scheme
Assertion id
IHEXDSIHEXDS-1List of sub-attributes of author in a XDSDocumentEntry must be : authorInstitution, authorPerson, authorRole, authorSpecialty and authorTelecommunication (IHE_ITI_TF V3,
IHEXDSIHEXDS-10Not other <rim;:name> elements than 'XDSDocumentEntry.patientId' shall exist in the DocumentEntry.patientId (IHE_ITI_TF V3,
IHEXDSIHEXDS-101Classification/slot/@name is required and fixed to 'codingScheme' (IHE_ITI_TF V3,
IHEXDSIHEXDS-103classification shall not contain other Slot than the one defined by name='codingScheme' (IHE_ITI_TF V3,
IHEXDSIHEXDS-104classification shall not contain other Name than the displayName of the coded attribute (IHE_ITI_TF V3,
IHEXDSIHEXDS-105classification shall not contain other classifications (IHE_ITI_TF V3,
IHEXDSIHEXDS-106classification shall not contain other externalIdentifier (IHE_ITI_TF V3,
IHEXDSIHEXDS-107externalIdentifier shall be from the externalIdentifier defined in the paragraph (SubmissionSet.patientId / SubmissionSet.sourceId/ SubmissionSet.uniqueId / DocEntry.patientId / DocEntry.uniqueId / Folder.patientId / Folder.uniqueId )
IHEXDSIHEXDS-108ExternalIdentifier.value element is required(IHE_ITI_TF V3,
IHEXDSIHEXDS-109if present in ExternalIdentifier, objectType attribute shall have the value 'urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-regrep:ObjectType:RegistryObject:ExternalIdentifier'(IHE_ITI_TF V3,
IHEXDSIHEXDS-11Not description shall exist in the DocumentEntry.patientId (IHE_ITI_TF V3,
IHEXDSIHEXDS-110ExtrernalIdentifier.registryObject attribute shall be present
IHEXDSIHEXDS-111ExternalIdentifier.Name shall be present
IHEXDSIHEXDS-112ExternalIdentifier shall not have any slot
IHEXDSIHEXDS-113In ExternalIdentifier, only one name shall be present
IHEXDSIHEXDS-114In ExternalIdentifier, no description shall be present
IHEXDSIHEXDS-115No classification shall be present in ExternalIdentifier
IHEXDSIHEXDS-116No ExternalIdentifier shall be present in an ExternalIdentifier
IHEXDSIHEXDS-117the name of each slot shall be unique within the containing object (DocumentEntry, SubmissionSet, Folder, or Association)
IHEXDSIHEXDS-12Not classification shall exist in the DocumentEntry.patientId (IHE_ITI_TF V3,