Class : XDSSubmissionSet

Class : XDSSubmissionSetConstraints

Class Name
Class Kind
XDSSubmissionSet is a RegistryPackage, containing a list of metadata describing the submission. The attribute name is defined with a prefix of the object type of XDSSubmissionSet when referenced by other objects, for example XDSSubmissionSet.sourceId.

List of related constraints

  • status of a SubmissionSet shall be Approved : 'urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-regrep:StatusType:Approved' (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • The author is required on SubmissionSet if known (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • contentTypeCode unique on SubmissionSet (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • entryUUID is required on SubmissionSet (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • intendedRecipient shall have one or more values if present on SubmissionSet (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • patientId shall have a single value on SubmissionSet (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • XDSSubmissionSet.sourceId shall have a single value (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • submissionTime can have a singleValue on SubmissionSet (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • uniqueId shall have at most a single value on SubmissionSet (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • allowed slot on submissionSet are only submissionTime and intendedRecipient, others are extraMetadata (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • allowed classification on submissionSet are only author and contentTypeCode (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • submissionTime metadata must have DTM structure (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • homeCommunityId shoud have OID URN structure (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • entryUUID SHOULD have the structure of UUID (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • The structure of intendedRecipien shall be 'XON|XCN|XTN' (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • There can be only one description on SubmissionSet (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • There can be only one title on SubmissionSet (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • only one limitedMetadata attribute can be present (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..