5 Aug 2022

Gazelle Test Management is now integrated with Rocket.chat

Submitted by aberge

Who has access to Rocket.chat

Rocket.chat at https://chat.ihe-catalyst.net has been set up for both the IHE Joint Connectathon 2022 and the Swiss EPR Projectathon 2022. All the users who are registered participants or monitors for those events have an account in rocket.chat.

As a participant, we mean that a badge for one of those events has been requested and paid.

Login with your Gazelle TM credentials

Rocket.chat is integrated with Gazelle TM user database. Accounts for the IHE Joint Connectathon 2022 participants have been created with random passwords. We do not want you to use the 'direct' login feature in rocket.chat. On the contrary, you shall use the SSO feature provided by Keycloak.

How to ?

1. Access Rocket.chat at https://chat.ihe-catalyst.net

2. Click "Click here to login with Gazelle Test Management credentials" button

A pop-up opens, fill out the form with your Gazelle username and password

Click "Sign-in"
You are in.

How is rocket.chat organised?

Two teams (one per event: Connectathon and Projectathon) have been created.

In each team, the monitor team as a dedicated private channel.

In each team, each organisation has two channels:

  • One private to its collaborators;
  • One public for other participants to get in touch with the organisation.

Channel management (IHE Joint Connectathon only)