13 Apr 2022

How do I find my way in the "new" Gazelle?

Submitted by aberge

Below is a few tips so that you can quickly find the pages you are used to work on in Gazelle Test Management:

  • List of IHE Profiles, Actors, Transactions, and Profile Option: Under the Specifications menu
  • As the administrator of an organisation, add and edit users: Administration > Manage users
  • Register my systems under test for the event: Registration
  • Access the list of registered systems under test: Testing > Available partners
  • Review which profiles and actors are currently covered by the registered systems under test: Testing > Test session scope
  • Access the list of all test cases: Testing > Test repository
  • Share the network configuration of my systems under test: Preparation > SUT's Network interfaces
  • Access my test plan (including Pre-Connectathon tests): Testing > Test execution or the play icon next to your picture (right hand side of the menu bar)
    • Note: the test plan is computed only for accepted systems under test. A system is accepted when payment is received on IHE-Europe/IHE USA's bank account.
  • Share and/or download samples: Testing > Sample exchange
  • Which monitor can help me with a specific Profile: Testing > Monitor team
  • After the event, access the results: Evaluation