4 Aug 2022

A new look for the Test execution page

Submitted by aberge

Gazelle Test Management 6.6.0 is out !

This new release of Gazelle Test Management:

Allows you to quickly see the status of your network configuration [Read more];

Offers a new user interface for the testing dashboard [Read more].


Statistics about your SUTs' network configuration

Gazelle Test Management offers a feature for the systems under test to share the connectivity details of their network interfaces. Templates are generated by the tool based on the capabilities selected for each of your systems under test. 

Before the testing event starts, you are expected to review those network interfaces and make sure the details match your implementation:

  • Is the port accurate?
  • Is the service protected by TLS?
  • Is the AETitle correct?
  • And so on.

When you are logged in as vendor or vendor_admin, and at least one of your systems under test is accepted to the session, the home page displays information about the Preparation phase, including details about the network.

For each systems under test that has been accepted, a progress bar shows you how many network interfaces have been approved and how many still need some review from you.


Test execution page

Although the principle of the test execution page remains the same, the layout has been deeply reviewed with the objective to lighten and clarify that page. We hope you will enjoy using it.

You can still

  • access the list of test cases per SUT capability (Actor / Profile / Profile Option)
  • start new test runs (aka test instances)
  • filter your search
  • create presets (now known as "Quick filters"), use the floppy disk icon and give a name to your search
  • use a quick filter as your default test execution page, use the star icon

What's new?


  • It is the number of test runs your system shall (for required tests)/should (for option tests) verified 
  • Orange is used for required test; grey is used for optional test
  • The target turns into green when it's reached

Progress at capability level

  • The progress bar reaches 100% when all the targets for the required tests are reached. For this reason, the maximum number of test runs taken into account is the target nulber
  • Optional tests are not counted
  • Progress bar disapeared as soon as the capability is evaluated

Not included

  • Progress in terms of percentage, it was often misleading
  • Ability to write an internal comment at a test case level, it was rarely used