28 Oct 2016

Order Manager 5.0.0 released !

Submitted by aberge

Dear all,

Gazelle team is pleased to announce the release of the Jboss7 version of Order Manager, available from now on at https://gazelle.ihe.net/OrderManager.

Please note that the location of the tool has changed and all HL7 and DICOM services are now reachable at IP address:

In addition to the new graphical layout, here are some new features which might be of interest:

  • The LBL actors (Label Broker and Labek Information Provider) are now part of the Order Manager tool. The tree transactions of the LBL profile can be simulated on both side.
  • There is now a single entry point for the Data Browser page, from that page you will have access to all the objects (patients, orders, lab orders, worklists and so on) owned by each part of the tool
  • You now have access to all the value sets used by the tool from the tool it self, visit the Value Sets page.
  • HL7v2 SUT configuration has been redesigned. You can now create a single configuration for several actors listenning on the same port
  • DICOM worklist's logs have been reviewed, the output of the wlmscpfs tool is displayed and refreshed every 2 seconds

Read the updated documentation at https://gazelle.ihe.net/gazelle-documentation/Order-Manager/user.html