27 Mar 2015

When checking the conformance of messages or content it is quite usefull to have the ability to view the content of the object that is checked.

We already add stylesheet to transform CDA and XDW documents into HTML, we have now added this feature to the ATNA Audit Message validation and the SAML Assertion validation section. 

In the file content section of the validation page, just click on the HTML tab in order to view an HTML representation of the checked object


27 Mar 2015

The wsdl of the Patient Demographic Supplier actor for the PDQV3 integration profile which is integrated into the Patient Manager tool has changed as follows:


27 Mar 2015

Patient Manager tool now supports the PIXV3 integration profile. Patient Identity Source, Patient Identifier Cross-Reference Manager and Patient Cross-Reference Consumer actors have involved to now support the transactions defined by this IHE profile.

Currently, PIXV3 Manager and Consumer actors only acknowledged the messages sent by your system under test, they are not integrated. This will come in a future release.

24 Feb 2015

Gazelle team has written a scientific paper published in the 15th International HL7 Interoperability Conference (IHIC 2015) in February 10, 2015, untitled "Model-based Analysis of HL7 CDA R2 Conformance and Requirements Coverage". The paper is an application of the tool Gazelle ObjectsChecker for the evaluation of CDA documents, based on the basic requirements of this standard. This paper contains a complete description of requirements expressed in the CDA standard and not covered by the CDA schema, and a study of the impact of such requirements in the tools of validation results and the CDA provided by national projects.

The abstract of this paper is:

8 Feb 2015

I will perform two presentations about IHE Gazelle ObjectsChecker (commonly known by Model-based validation) next week during IHIC, in Prague, Czech Republic (from 9 to 11 February 2015).

The first presentation will be on  Monday 9, between 15:20 – 17:00, and entitled "IHE Gazelle ObjectsChecker: Concepts, Benefits, Demonstration and Access". This presentation will be in collaboration with art-decor Expert Group.

The planing of this presentation is :

14 Jan 2015

The link to the webinar recording is available here : 


The presentations made by Charles and Raphaelle are also available for download : 


Please let me know if you have questions about this subject.

21 Aug 2014

The Gazelle team has enhanced the OrderManager tool : by now, you can check your implementation of the SWF.b profile. Actually, the tool is now able to exchange OMG and OMI messages with your system under test, for the following transactions:

  • RAD-2 : Placer Order Management
  • RAD-3 : Filler Order Management
  • RAD-4 : Procedure Schedule
  • RAD-13 : Procedure Update

Note that the tool is not yet able to handle ADT messages in version HL7v2.5.1

The process flow remains the same as for the SWF profile, simply tick the "Send HL7v2.5.1 messages ?" checkbox when configuring the simulator to send messages to your system or send HL7v2.5.1 messages to the tool.

You can also read the documentation for detailed information.


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