5 May 2014
Dear connectathon participants,
the results from the last European connectathon in Vienna are available for review at
Please review the results as mistakes are possible. You have till May 12th to review and report issues to Eric Poiseau. Then, results will be considered as definitive.
27 Mar 2014

During the last weeks, Gazelle testbed has been enriched with new validation services. From the EVSClient, you can now access

  • A model-based validation service for audit messages (most of the audit messages defined in the context of XD*, DSUB, PDQ and PIX profiles are available)
  • A validation service of WADO queries
  • A model-based validation service for assertions produced in the context of the XUA integration profile
  • Update of the model-based validation of XD* metadatas to the latest CPs

All those services are exposed by Gazelle applications as SOAP web services; so you can also directly call them.

Also note that those validation services might be used during the Vienna connectathon to verify the conformance of the messages and documents produced by your systems; so you may want to try them out !

5 Feb 2014

This year European connectathon will be held in Vienna, Austria from April, 7th to April, 11th. Participant registration period is now ended (although we are still accepting late registration) and it's now time to recruit our monitors for this coming event.

We would kindly ask those of you who want to participate to apply through our monitor recruitment form available at by February, 20th. Only applications received through this form will be taken into account when we will make our choice, based upon the profiles tested at the connectathon (we know that some of you have already filled out the form in the past, but we need this new submission). Unfortunately, we will probably not be able to accept all the applications.

The complete list of successful applications will be published by February, 28th, so that you can book your trip to Vienna.

12 Dec 2013

Dear LAW implementers, 

Gazelle team has just released Gazelle HL7 Validator 2.2.1 which includes the fixes of HL7 message profiles used for the validation of messages exchanged in the context of the LAW profile. The constraints are based on the revision 1.3 of the LAW supplement. 

From now on, you can test your messages with the new profiles, either directly through the web service or from the user-friendly interface, EVS Client.

We did our best to fit the requirements but error is human and we may have missed some contraints or wrongly understand some others.

Do not hesistate to report any issue in our bug tracker at if you meet errors or inconsistencies.

Please, also note that the Order Manager tool has not been updated yet; so the validation tool may report issues on the messages generated by the tool.


10 Oct 2013

Dear all,

Gazelle testbed has been enriched with a new validation service dedicated to the messages exchanged in the context of the XCPD profile. By now, not all the messages are available for testing but you can already try out

  • [ITI-56] Patient Location Query Request
  • [ITI-56] Patient Location Query Response
  • [ITI-55] Cross-Gateway Patient Discovery Request
  • [ITI-55] Cross-Gateway Patiet Discovery Request (Deferred response option)

You can access this new validation service from the EVS Client application 

Do not hesitate to report issues in our bug issue tracker at

9 Oct 2013

Looking for information about IHE, want to learn more about the Vienna 2014 connectathon, a question about Gazelle suite of test tool ...please visit us at the next Journées Françaises de Radiologie in Paris (Oct 18-22 2013). We will be at booth 120B. Thanks to the Société Française de Radiologie for sponsoring our booth.

4 Oct 2013

When you will go to Pre-Connectathon result or Connectathon page, you could see Presets :

You can add up to four presets.

The aim is to go directly on your default preset whithout loading the main page or clic on one of your presets links. 

Follow this link to see more explainations.

Bug reports, suggestions or comments are always welcome, please use JIRA to report them.

26 Aug 2013

The Gazelle Development team at Kereval is preparing for the 2014 testing cycle.

  • IHE USA Connectathon in January 2014 (more)
  • IHE European Connectathin in April 2014 (more)

In our process of improving the quality of the tools and their documentation we have redesigned the Gazelle web pages. 

Please browse the new Gazelle website at

  • New look, 
  • New logo
  • New menu arrangement, 

we hope that you will enjoy navigate through this new look and feel.

From now on you can also follow us on twitter: @IHE_Gazelle


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