4 Mar 2013

Gazelle HL7v2.x validator has been renamed into Gazelle HL7 Validator since it now includes a service for validating HL7v3 messages. This validation service is model-based and currently, the messages exchanged in the context of the PDQv3 integration profile can be validated. 

Two accesses:

SOAP web service:

GUI interface (from EVS Client) :

13 Feb 2013

The set of HL7 conformance profiles available in Gazelle has been enriched with conformance profiles for the messages defined 

  • by the HL7v2.5.1 option of the SWF profile (OMG, OMI)
  • by the XPID integration profile

Conformance profiles are XML files which are used for validating the HL7v2.x messages produced by your system. You can either 

  • use the EVSClient tool from the Gazelle platform to run the validation
  • download the conformance profiles you are interested in from the GazelleHL7v2Validator tool

Do not hesitate to report any issue into our bug tracking system: Access JIRA

22 Jan 2013

The PatientManager tool from the Gazelle platform has been enriched with a new feature. You will now be able to test your PIX systems against a simulator. Actually, the PatientManager tool now integrates the three actors defined in this profile and is able to act as one of them in the transactions defined by the Patient Identifier Cross-referencing (PIX) integration profile:
  • Patient Identity Management (ITI-30)
18 Jan 2013
As planned in our information page : we have 2 webinars next weeks.
  • The 2 webinars are (almost) identical. We repeat it to allow participants in Asia and in North America to attend at a reasonable time.
  • The purpose of the webinars is to inform participants to the connectathon about the process
    • how to prepare them selves to the connectathon
7 Jan 2013

The HIMSS Middle East Interoperability Showcase™ is coming to Riyadh

The Interoperability Showcase brings vendors and decision makers together in an interactive environment where attendees become the patient in a clinical use case scenario and watch their health data move from system to system.

The Interoperability Showcase is your opportunity to maximize your company's position in the Middle East market by allowing Saudi officials to see first hand that your system is among those most easily integrated to improve patient care.

Profiles of Interest : PDQ, XDS.b, XD-LAB, XDS-I.b, ATNA and CT see link

Participants to the showcase are expected to have successfully passed testing of their system at any IHE Connectathon for the IHE profiles demonstrated at the showcase. The next opportunity is at the IHE European connectathon in Istanbul.

7 Jan 2013

We are very pleased to announce the release of the new Product Registry. This new version brings more stability and more functionalities to the application to the 245 organizations that are using it and that have declared more than 570 Integration Statement

  • New layout of the menu
  • Improved display of statistics for searches
  • Find similar IHE Integration Statement to an existing one
  • Fix crawling tool to find broken URL or modified IHE Integration Statement

Since the crawling tool will be restarted, please pay attention to the email you might receive from the tool in the coming days.

21 Dec 2012

Since release 6.0-RC2, the Gazelle PatientManager tool is able to act as an ADT actor. That means that you can receive ADT feeds from the tool in the context of the RAD-1 and RAD-12 transactions. Note that the HL7v2.5.1 option is not yet implemented.

To proceed, register your system under test (Order Filler, Order Placer, Image Manager, Report Manager, MPI...) as an ADT Client under the SUT Configurations menu.

Access the tool...

20 Dec 2012

Gazelle team would like to inform you that a new release of the PatientManager is now available online at

You can now enter the configuration of your PIX consumer and PIX cross-reference manager actors to receive messages from Gazelle. Under the PIX menu you will access the three actors defined by the PIX specifications:

  • Patient Identity Source can send all the messages defined in the ITI-30 (Patient Identification Management) and ITI-8 (Patient Identity Feed) transactions
  • Patient Identity Consumer can send QPD messages in the context of the ITI-9 transaction
  • Patient Identity Cross-Reference Manager can send PIX update notifications (ITI-10)

Note that the responder parts have not been implemented yet, this will be part of another release of the application in the coming weeks.


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