15 Oct 2012

A new implementation of the Patient Demographic Supplier actor from the Patient Demographics Query integration profile is now included and available in the PatientManager tool.

This new feature will allow you to test the capability of your PDQ Patient Demographic Consumer to properly query a PDS. For information about the supported query parameters and the mapping performed with the simulator database read documentation at

Configure your SUT to reach our endpoint: IP address, port and receiving application/facility are available here.

5 Sep 2012

A big change in the world of HL7 with this post on the HL7 international web site.

newsflash #HL7 decides to provide standards and other HL7 IP available free-of-charge FAQ at… Press release to follow

— Rene Spronk (@Ringholm) Septembre 4, 2012
27 Jul 2012

We are very pleased to announce the release of the EVS Client V3.x :
The EVSClient is a web application that allows users and developers of healthcare application implementing IHE profiles to check the conformity of the messages exchanged with reference to some healthcare standards like HL7v2, CDA, Dicom,...

This new release provides an harmonization of the call to the different validation services used in the context of the Gazelle platform.

26 Jul 2012


We are very pleased to see vendors adopting the IHE Product Registry and using it to reference their IHE Integration Statement.

  • 511 IHE Integration Statements
    • 353 Radiology
    • 322 IT-Infrastructure
    • 85 Cardiology
    • 52 Patient Care Coordination
    • 36 Laboratory
    • 15 Radiation-Oncology
    • 15 Eyecare
    • 14 Patient Care Devices
    • 8 QRPH
    • 3 Pharmacy
    • 2 Pathology
  • 123 Organizations
  • 500 search per month


    5 Jul 2012

    Inria HL7v2.x validator tool developed within Gazelle platform has been refactored and renamed. Gazelle HL7v2.x validator is now available at

    We still have the two tools running but we have planned to drop the former service from our server by the end of August. As a consequence, I would invite you to read the documentation at and to update your applications if they are using the web service API.

    This new application:


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