5 Jul 2012

Inria HL7v2.x validator tool developed within Gazelle platform has been refactored and renamed. Gazelle HL7v2.x validator is now available at

We still have the two tools running but we have planned to drop the former service from our server by the end of August. As a consequence, I would invite you to read the documentation at and to update your applications if they are using the web service API.

This new application:

15 May 2012

We are now very near the beginning of the connectathon, before wishing you a very nice trip to Bern here is a checklist before you leave your office.

  • Gazelle 

    • Gazelle Test Management ( will be switched to Bern server on Sunday. So on Sunday there will be an interruption of services. Once the service will be turned back on you will be able to access Gazelle Bern Instance from the internet using the same URL.

    • At the end of the connectathon we will turned back the system in Rennes and there will be another interruption of service on Friday May 

  • Table Assignment

4 May 2012

Following the training concerning the use of the Order Manager, find below the links to the recording (webex) and presentation (pdf)



6 Apr 2012

Kereval, a company member of IHE Europe, is the company that is hosting the Gazelle Project Development team. In the context of the deployment of the IHE Services activity, Kereval is recruiting to new staff : a J2EE developper and IHE Consultant. If you are interesting in working with the team in the core of the Brittany region this is a real opportunity.


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