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5 Jan 2018


Dear colleagues,

On behalf of Gazelle team, we wish you a wonderful New Year.

It is still time to apply for being a monitor at the next European Connectathon.

This year, the event will be held at Den Haag (The Netherlands) from April, 16th to April, 20th.

May you be interested in joining the amazing monitor team, fill out the application form at https://gazelle.ihe.net/content/monitor-recruitment-form-hague-2018

You will need an account on Gazelle website to access this form; if you do not have one yet, contact either Hilary or Anne-Gaëlle.

Best regards

28 Oct 2016

Dear all,

Gazelle team is pleased to announce the release of the Jboss7 version of Order Manager, available from now on at https://gazelle.ihe.net/OrderManager.

Please note that the location of the tool has changed and all HL7 and DICOM services are now reachable at IP address:

In addition to the new graphical layout, here are some new features which might be of interest:

16 Jun 2015

The message profiles for validating the messages exchanged in the context of the LAW (Laboratory Analytical Workflow) integration profiles have been updated to match the requirements expressed in the new version of the LAW supplement (1.4), published on March, 16th 2015.

You can access the GazelleHL7Validator through the EVSClient tool or directly called the validation SOAP webservice (documentation)

Feel free to report any bug or inconsistency in our issue tracker at http://gazelle.ihe.net/jira/browse/HLVAL

27 Mar 2015

The wsdl of the Patient Demographic Supplier actor for the PDQV3 integration profile which is integrated into the Patient Manager tool has changed as follows:


27 Mar 2015

Patient Manager tool now supports the PIXV3 integration profile. Patient Identity Source, Patient Identifier Cross-Reference Manager and Patient Cross-Reference Consumer actors have involved to now support the transactions defined by this IHE profile.

Currently, PIXV3 Manager and Consumer actors only acknowledged the messages sent by your system under test, they are not integrated. This will come in a future release.

21 Aug 2014

The Gazelle team has enhanced the OrderManager tool : by now, you can check your implementation of the SWF.b profile. Actually, the tool is now able to exchange OMG and OMI messages with your system under test, for the following transactions:

  • RAD-2 : Placer Order Management
  • RAD-3 : Filler Order Management
  • RAD-4 : Procedure Schedule
  • RAD-13 : Procedure Update

Note that the tool is not yet able to handle ADT messages in version HL7v2.5.1

The process flow remains the same as for the SWF profile, simply tick the "Send HL7v2.5.1 messages ?" checkbox when configuring the simulator to send messages to your system or send HL7v2.5.1 messages to the tool.

You can also read the documentation for detailed information.

24 Jul 2014

We have started the migration of the Gazelle tools to a new set of servers. The URLs to access the tools remain the same but the IP addresses and the web service endpoints have changed.
If you are using :
- PatientManager
- OrderManager
- Gazelle proxy
- Gazelle TestManagement
- LCSDSimulator
- HMWSimulator
- HPDSimulator
be careful, they are now located on a new server, so double check the connection configuration if you try to contact those tools. If you had to configure your firewall to receive messages from the tools, the new IP address is

N.B. For Order Manager, we also had to update the listening ports of HL7v2 responders by adding 100 to the original port number.

We will let you know as soon as we move other tools.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Gazelle team.


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