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5 Jul 2012

Inria HL7v2.x validator tool developed within Gazelle platform has been refactored and renamed. Gazelle HL7v2.x validator is now available at http://gazelle.ihe.net/GazelleHL7v2Validator.

We still have the two tools running but we have planned to drop the former service from our server by the end of August. As a consequence, I would invite you to read the documentation at http://gazelle.ihe.net/content/GazelleHL7v2Validator and to update your applications if they are using the web service API.

This new application:

15 May 2012

We are now very near the beginning of the connectathon, before wishing you a very nice trip to Bern here is a checklist before you leave your office.

  • Gazelle 

    • Gazelle Test Management (http://gazelle.ihe.net/EU-CAT) will be switched to Bern server on Sunday. So on Sunday there will be an interruption of services. Once the service will be turned back on you will be able to access Gazelle Bern Instance from the internet using the same URL.

    • At the end of the connectathon we will turned back the system in Rennes and there will be another interruption of service on Friday May 

  • Table Assignment

4 May 2012

Following the training concerning the use of the Order Manager, find below the links to the recording (webex) and presentation (pdf)



19 Mar 2012

PAM Simulator-3.2 released today now implements the Inpatient/Outpatient encounter management option. That means that the events gathered in the table below are all supported by both the Patient Encounter Consumer and Patient Encounter Supplier part of the simulator. 

If your system supports this option and is registered for Bern 2012, you will see a new pre-connectathon test showing up in your list in the coming hours.

If you notice any errors or bugs, please feel free to report them to us using our bug issue tracker at http://gazelle.ihe.net/jira/browse/PAM

Category of event

Trigger / Action

12 Apr 2011

The NIST Tools will bring the Dashboard online on Tuesday.  The dashboard will show the status of XDS Registries (up/down, which Repository it is paired with).  In order for the tool to show the proper status, each Registry must have an entry for patient ID “911” in the Red domain (patient ID assigning authority  (Yes, even if you are a blue or green Registry, you should have this one “Red” patient in your database.)  This allows the tool to submit a document for that patient.  It will help if every Registry can make this entry on Tuesday morning.


For ATNA logging tests, you may chose any ARR partner.  (the partner assignments in the spreadsheet were from the Chicago connectathon,  Ignore them)

9 Nov 2010

For monitors who own a smart phones or a tablet PC with a wireless web access (wifi), a new Gazelle application has been developed called GazelleMonitorApp. This application, reachable at http://gazelle.ihe.net/GazelleMonitorApp enables you to retrieve the tests you have claimed from TestManagement on your PC and validate them. The results are automatically sent to TestManagement.

Obviously, this application can only be used in Connectathon periods for the testing sessions you are monitor for.

Reach the application by using the following QR Code:


VApplication is still under development and is known to work on Android and IOS platforms.

Examples of QR Code readers you can use are

9 Nov 2010

A new Gazelle Application is now available which enables you to browse the IHE Technical Framework from your mobile phone. TFMobile is available at http://gazelle.ihe.net/TFMobile. Use the QR Code provided below to reach the application on your mobile device.  


Application is still under development and is known to work on Android and IOS platforms.

Examples of QR Code readers you can use are


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