2023 IHE Connectathon in Rennes (France)

Connectathon participants technical registration and resources. 

Registration is closed; contact technical.manager@ihe-europe.net to sign-up for the event.


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For general information about the connectathon and the connectathon week (in particular the related events), visit IHE Europe connectathon dedicated website.


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2023 IHE Connectathon in Rennes - Webinars

A serie of webinars is organised by IHE-Europe. Make sure to register to secure your seat.

The IHE IPS Profile

24 April - 4:00PM CEST

  • Target: all
  • Agenda:
    • Insight in the global development of IPS and implementation in Canada
    • How do we test the IPS profile at the IHE Connectathon
  • Register here


What's new in IHE IT-Infrastructure ?

27 March - 4:00PM CEST

  • Target: all
  • Agenda:
    • Introduction of the IT-Infrastructure domain: what does it cover in terms of business cases (high level)
    • What is new since September ?
    • What will happen until the Summer (and in scope for the Connectathon in September)
    • Focus on hot profiles
    • Q&A session
  • Register here

What's new in IHE Radiology?

29 March, 3:30PM CEST

  • Target: all
  • Agenda:
    • Introduction of the Radiology domain: what does it cover in terms of business cases (high level)
    • What is new since September ?
    • What will happen until the Summer (and in scope for the Connectathon in September)
    • Focus on WIA, WIC, and AIR profiles (AI in Radiology is the focus of the Connectathon this year)
    • Q&A session
  • Register here.

What's new in IHE Pathology and Laboratory Medicine ?

30 March, 2:30-4PM CEST

  • Target: all
  • Agenda:
    • Introduction of the PaLM domain: what does it cover in terms of business cases (high level)
    • What is new since September ?
    • What will happen until the Summer (and in scope for the Connectathon in September)
    • Focus on a few profiles (to be determined)
    • Q&A session
  • Register here

Call for monitor webinar

3 April, 2:30PM CEST

  • Target: anyone interested to volunteer as a monitor and eligible as such.
  • Agenda: 
    • Objective of the IHE Connectathon
    • Benefit of volunteering as a monitor
    • Missions of the monitor team
    • How to prepare
  • Register here.

NB. IHE-Europe follows a recruitment process for the monitors. Participating in the monitor webinar does not imply that you will be part of the team in 2023.

Call for participation webinar

  • Target: Product owners / Decision makers
  • Agenda: 
    • The value for companies to participate in the IHE Connectathon
    • The various areas of interoperability that are identified as the main focus for 2023 for which IHE Profiles are going to receive special attention.
    • The process and schedule to register for the Connectathon
    • The ways to prepare for the Connectathon to maximise value for the companies and their tested systems.
    • What to expect and tips to perform efficient testing during the Connectathon week
    • The resources made available by IHE-Europe and the contacts to get dedicated support.   
  • Recording available here (sign in as a guest).

Ask me Anything about my past participation(s) to the IHE Connectathon

  • Target: Technical / Product owners / Decision makers
  • Speakers:
    • Thorsten Conrad (VISUS): IHE Connectathon participants for 10+ years
    • Derek Huguchi (Agfa Healthcare): Discovered the IHE Connectathon for the first time in Montreux (2022)
    • More to come 
  • Topics:
    • Ask them anything about the value of the IHE Connectathon, how they prepared to get ready, tips, and so on.
  • Recording available here (sign in as a guest).




Agenda (2023)

2023 IHE-Europe Connectathon in Rennes: Monitor Recruitment Form

A "Call for monitors" webinar was organised on 3 April. If you were not able to make it, here are the recording and slides.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a monitor at the European Connectathon Rennes 2023. We kindly ask you to fill in this form as part of our recruitement process. However filling the form does not mean that you will be automatically allowed to join the team. Applications are reviewed and accepted based on IHE-Europe monitor recruitment process and criteria (see below).

Monitors are members of the community who serve as independent evaluators of the tests results during the IHE Connectathon. Monitors examine tests in real time or examine evidence after the test. Connectathon Monitors should be recommended by their IHE National initiative, if one exists in their country of residence.  Monitors from countries without an IHE National Initiative may apply directly.

Monitors agree to perform their duties under the supervision of the Connectathon Technical Manager and operate in a collaborative manner as part of the Testing Team

Note that France welcomes the IHE-Europe Connectathon in Rennes.

Monitors availability is expected during the entire connectathon event:  from 25th (10AM) to 29th September (Noon) 2023 in Rennes, France.

Monitor selection critieria:

  • The candidate must not work for a company that is participating (or has participated) in an IHE Connectathon as a supplier.
  • Field and level of expertise in the "testable profiles"
  • Number of companies from the monitors' origin country
    • We try to maintain a constant ratio between the number of companies and the number of monitors from a given country.
  • No more than 3 persons from the same company to allow the dissemination of IHE​
  • The monitor must have no conflict of interest and must accept the NDA.
  • The method of financing travel and accommodation will also be taken into account. IHE-Europe may refuse to pay for air tickets for travel outside Europe.
  • To enable the dissemination of IHE, new monitors are more than welcome, they could represent between 15 and 20% of the team.

The information entered in the form is only used by the Connectathon Management Team and will be kept in our records up to one year after the connectathon ends. Data will be deleted earlier upon writing request.

You need an account to fill out this form. If you do not have one yet, contact Wei Jing TEY; she will be happy to help.