XDStarClient Simulator tests

This section contains test cases performed with the XDStarClient tool.

Tool: http://gazelle.ihe.net/XDStarClient

Tool information page: http://gazelle.ihe.net/content/xdstarclient


Test Your Server with Gazelle XDStar Client Simulator

We use this test to inform you of the gazelle XDStar Client simulator tool available for your testing.  It simulates 'client' actors in XDS.b, XDR, XCA, MPQ, DSUB, XCPD, XDS.b On-demand Docs option, XCF, XCA-I and XDS-I.b

We encourage you to test with the simulator prior to the Connectathon, but there are no pre-Connectathon test results files to upload for this test.

***Note that at this time, the CAS login on the XDStarClient only works with username/passwords for the European instance of gazelle (EU-CAT), not with the North American gazelle (gazelle-na). Until this is implemented, testers will have to create a new user account. This can be done using the CAS login link at the upper-right of the XDStarClient.


1. Access the XDStarClient: http://gazelle.ihe.net/XDStarClient/home.seam Configure your server using the "'SUT Configurations'" menu

2. Under the SIMU-Initiators menu, find the message you want to receive:

  • ITI-18 : Register Stored Query (XDS.b)
  • ITI-38 : Cross Gateway Query (XCA)
  • ITI-39 : Cross Gateway Retrieve (XCA)
  • ITI-41 : Provide and Register Set-b (XDS.b / XDR)
  • ITI-43 : Retrieve Document Set (XDS.b)
  • ITI-51 : Multi-Patient Stored Query (MPQ)
  • ITI-52 : Document Metadata Subscribe (DSUB)
  • ITI-54 : Document Metadata Publish (DSUB)
  • ITI-55 : Cross Gateway Patient Discovery (XCPD)
  • ITI-56 : Patient Location Query (XCPD)
  • ITI-61 : Register On-Demand Document Entry (XDS.b On-Demand Docs option)
  • ITI-63 : Cross Gateway Fetch (XCF)
  • PHARM-1
  • RAD-55 : WADO Retrieve
  • RAD-68 : Provide and Register Imaging Document Set - MTOM/XOP
  • RAD-69 : Retrieve Imaging Document Set #
  • RAD-75 : Cross Gateway Retrieve Imaging Document Set

3. Follow the instructions on the page to send the selected message to the server you have configured Evaluation


The purpose of this test is to provide sample messages to test with your server. There are no pre-Connectathon test results files to upload for this test.