Content Updater updates a Workflow Document

In this test you will access a sample workflow made by a Content Creator; then you will update that document using your application, and use the XDW Validator provided in gazelle to validate your updated document.  

Finally, you will upload your 'updated' Workflow Document into gazelle as a sample.   We ask you to upload your sample two weeks in advance of the pre-Connectathon test deadline to give Consumers time to test with your document.


For this pre-Connectathon test, you will update a workflow document 

(1) For the base XDW profile, access this sample workflow document: XDW-Document-for-Updater.xml

--  If you are testing XBeR, XTHM, we do not have a generic sample for you to start from.  You may use a sample submitted by a 'Creator' vendor in your profile.

(2) Download the Workflow Document into your local environment, then update the document and add a task that is relevant to your product/application.

  • Your new task should contain an input document, and output document, or both

For this test, you do not have to submit your workflow document to an XDS Repository/Registry

(3) Once you have created the updated workflow document, upload your sample into gazelle & run the validation:

  • Log into gazelle.
  • Select menu:  Connectathon / List of Samples
  • Select the Samples to share tab for your test system
  • For the XDW entry, select the 'Add sample' (+) icon.
  • Upload the XML for your XDW document.  Name the XML file using this convention:
    • SYSTEMNAME_XDW.xml, where "SYSTEMNAME" is your test system's name in gazelle, eg: EHR_XYZmed_XDW.xml
  • Select use "Pre-Connectathon" from the dropdown list on the summary of the sample.
  • Select the "Validate" button.

Alternative:  Access XDW Validator via the Gazelle External Validation Service (EVS):

  • Access the External Validation Service: http://gazelle.ihe.net/EVSClient
  • Select menu:  IHE / XDW / Validate
  • Upload the XML for your XDW document.
  • Select the Validate button
  • Next, find your results.  Select menu:  IHE / XDW / Validated XDW documents
  • Use the interface to find your validated document.  This will show your results.


  • The validation service creates a Permanent link to your results
  • For this pre-Connectathon test in gazelle, paste the Permanent links to your results into the comment field, instead of uploading a log file.
  • Change the status of the test to Verified by vendor

Your test partners that are Content Consumers will also be able to access your sample in gazelle.

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