You will use the Gazelle EVSClient to validate messages for the Cross-Enterprise (XD*) and Cross-Community (XC*) family of profiles.

The messages you validate will depend upon the profile/actor pairs supported by your test system


  • Access the gazelle EVSClient application: http://gazelle.ihe.net/EVSClient
  • From the EVS Client user interface, select menu IHE-->XD* Metadata-->Validate
  • Upload the XML file for the message produced by your application
  • Select the correct Model Based Validator from the dropdown list:
    • ITI-18 Registry Stored Query Request
    • ITI-18 Registry Stored Query Response
    • ITI-32 Distribute Document Set on Media (metadata)
    • ITI-38 Cross-Gateway Query Request
    • ITI-38 Cross-Gateway Query Response
    • ITI-39 Cross-Gateway Retrieve Request
    • ITI-39 Cross-Gateway Retrieve Response
    • ITI-41 Provide & Register Document Set Request
    • ITI-41 XDR Provide & Register Document Set Limited Metadata Request
    • ITI-41 Provide & Register Document Set Response
    • ITI-42 Register Document Set Request
    • ITI-42 Register Document Set Response
    • ITI-43 Retrieve Document Set Request
    • ITI-43 Retrieve Document Set Response
    • ITI-51 Multi-Patient Query Request
    • ITI-51 Multi-Patient Query Response
    • ITI-61 Register On-Demand Document Entry Request
    • ITI-61 Register On-Demand Document Entry Response
    • ITI-62 Delete Document Set Request
    • ITI-62 Delete Document Set Response
    • ITI-63 Cross-Gateway Fetch Request
    • ITI-63 Cross-Gateway Fetch Response
    • ITI-79 Authorization Decisions Query Request
    • ITI-79 Authorization Decisions Query Response
    • PHARM-1 request
    • PHARM-1 response
    • RAD-68 Provide & Register Imaging Doc Set-MTOM/XOP Request
    • RAD-68 Provide & Register Imaging Doc Set-MTOM/XOP Response
    • RAD-69 Retrieve Imaging Document Set Request
      • If your Imaging Doc Consumer does not support RAD-69, then skip this.
    • RAD-69 Retrieve Imaging Document Set Response
    • RAD-75 Cross-Gateway Retrieve Imaging Document Set Request
    • RAD-75 Cross-Gateway Retrieve Imaging Document Set Response
  • Click on Validate.


  • The EVS Client creates a Permanent link to your results.
  • For this pre-Connectathon test in gazelle, paste the Permanent links to your results into the comment field, instead of uploading a log file.
  • Change the status of the test to Verified by vendor