11120: Assertions for XUA testing

Overview of the test

Prior to arriving at the Connectathon, it is important for participants testing XUA to be familiar with:

  • the Connectathon testing scenario for XUA, or for the IUA profile with the SAML Token option
  • the tool used to provide assertions for XUA tests -- the Gazelle-STS Security Token Service


(1) Read the Connectathon test scenario

  • In Gazelle Test Management for your Connectathon (EU or NA), your Main Connectathon Page contains test XUA_Read_This_First.  Read this test now as part of your pre-Connectathon test preparation.   (If you are also testing IUA, there is a similar test: IUA_GetAndIncorporateToken_SAML.)

(2) Locate and use the Gazelle-STS Security Token Service

To familiarize yourself with the Gazelle-STS tool used for Connectathons:

  • Read the STS information page: https://gazelle.ihe.net/gazelle-documentation/Gazelle-STS/user.html.  That page describes how to use the tool to request, renew, cancel, and validate a security token.   Systems testing X-Service User and X-Service Provider should use the STS prior to the Connectathon so you are familiar with its use.


There is no specific evaluation for this test.  

Create a text file stating that you have followed the instructions above. Upload that text file into your local gazelle as the Log Return file for pre-Connectathon test 11120.