Create a pipeline job

The purpose of this page is to explain how to create a Jenkins pipeline job to execute every job by launch only one build.


  • A jenkins server
  • Gazelle-TM-GuiTesting project job (configuration link)
  • Gazelle-TM-EU-CAT project job to be able to build EU-CAT application

Step 1 : Check Jenkins version

To be able to use pipeline jobs, you need to have a Jenkins server which is running on version 2 at least. It's because Pipeline plugin's suite is natively installed on this version.

Step 2 : Create pipeline job

First go to Jenkins's homepage. Now click on "New job" and choose "Pipeline" and don't forget to fill-in the name ("Gazelle-TM-Pipeline").

In "Pipeline" section, choose "Pipeline script" in Definition.

In Script textbox, you now need to script everything to create a pipeline. You need to specify every step of the pipeline : Building Gazelle-TM-EU-CAT application, launch Gazelle-TM-Deployment to deploy application on Gazelle's server, launch GuiTesting job, launch PagesTesting job.

To do this, we used stage() groovy syntax. Stage is used to separate every step of the pipeline. In each stage, you have to use build() method to trigger build on each job concerned. You can pass parameters if you have make some modifications on GuiTesting or PagesTesting projects configurations to pass some parameters.


//Job parameters to be used in other jobs builded
def browser = BROWSER; def xml_file = XML_FILE; //First step stage("Build new Gazelle-TM V7 application"){ build 'gazelle-tm-eucat-v7-SNAPSHOT' } //Second step : Deploy new application and restore last database on Gazelle's server stage("Kujira environnment preparation"){ build 'Kujira-Gazelle-Deployment' } //Third step stage("Running interface tests job : Kujira-GuiTesting"){ //Launch GuiTesting job build with passed parameters build job: 'Kujira-GuiTesting', propagate: false, parameters: [string(name: 'selenide.browser', value: browser), string(name: 'XML_FILE', value: xml_file)] } stage("Running interface tests job : Kujira-PagesTesting"){ //Launch PagesTesting job build with passed parameters build job: 'Kujira-PagesTesting', propagate: false, parameters: [string(name: 'selenide.browser', value: browser)] }