IHE Europe 2017 Connectathon in Venice

Venise 2017 

Official information (about Hotel, Transportation, Location) from IHE Europe available at the following URL: http://connectathon.ihe-europe.net/

This page points you to the resources you need to prepare and succeed!  Registration will open in gazelle on Dec 1st 2016 to January, 15th 2017.

Some years ago, Dave Franken shared good tips with us about how to prepare to be successful in Luxembourg, read him here.


 Technical Resources

Registration, tools, network, digital certs, all stuff technical...

 Schedule and Logistics

Schedule, fees, payment, badges, hotel, shipping info...

 Weekly reminders

What should I be working on this week? Stay on-track with your preparation!

 Monitor Resources

Logistics, training, and resources for our wonderful volunteers!

 Training Resources

Tutorials, webinars, and how-to documentation.

 Contact Us!

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EU Connectathon 2017 Technical Resources

Getting ready for participation in the April Connectathon involves more than buying a plane ticket to Germany. From January until April, participants complete a set of required pre-connectathon tests. March through mid-April participants share configuration information with test partners, perform internet testing for some profiles, pre-load test data, finish some last-minute pre-connectathon tests, and familiarize themselves with the tests they will be required to run at the connnectathon. The links below contain details for your Connectathon preparation activities.

Email list for Connectathon announcements 
All participants in the EU Connectathon must join this group. It is used for technical and logistical announcements from the EU Connectathon sponsors and technical managers. To subscribe, send an email to EU_connectathon+subscribe@googlegroups.comPlease note that you need to sign in to a Google account (or create one) in order to join this group.
Gazelle Gazelle is IHE's online tool for managing registration, pre-Connectathon & Connectathon testing.


Profiles to be tested Review the list of profiles to be tested. Please note those that are 'dropped' or which have low registration. UPDATED on 2017/02/21
IHE Technical Frameworks

Ensure that you are working off the latest documentation (not an out-of-date version on your hard drive). Final Text Technical Frameworks & Trial Implementation Supplements are published on ihe.net.

Some are interested in knowing the specifics of the updates since last year.  Each domain's Technical Committee processes Change Proposals that are then incorporated into Technical Frameworks annually.   

Tool resources Find an index to IHE test tools, a mapping of tools to profiles, tool documentation, test cases, and tool training material.
ATNA testing & digital certificates Pre-connectathon & connectathon testing requirements for the ATNA profile.  How to get your digital certificate.
Training resources Pointers to training & documentation about tools, gazelle & connectathon processes
Profile-specific preparation In order to make you more efficient at the Connectathon, for some profiles we encourage you to do this preparation in advance.
Network & configuration details  Configurations for your test systems, OID assignments, IP addresses, Connectathon network description
XDS/XDS-I ATNA Tues-Wed partner assignments On Tues & Wed of Connectathon week, we assign some test partners for infrastructure actors in XDS, XDS-I and ATNA (Audit Record Repositories and Doc Registries & Repositories)
Cross-Community testing 

Explanation of multiple affinity domain Connectathon tests for participants testing XDS.b, XDS-I.b, PDQ/PDQv3, PIX/PIXv3, and cross-community profiles XC* (eg XCA, XCPD, etc)

Thorough/Supportive testing explained This page describes the difference between Thorough and Supportive connectathon testing 
Connectathon test review Your connectathon preparation should include reviewing tests you will have to run during Connectathon week.  Here's how.
10 Connectathon tips from the pros This page shares tips from vendors that have participated in the Connectathon for many years.
Connectathon logistics (TBC) IHE Europe staff manages contracts, fees, badges, hotel & shipping, and provides help for all non-technical details regarding the connectathon.
Connectathon FAQ Answers to questions many first-time participants ask.

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EU Connectathon 2017 Schedule & Logistics

  IHE Europe manages the schedule and logistics for the event.  Pointers to details are gathered here. If you have questions or need help, please contact the IHE Europe staff at project-manager@ihe-europe.net 

Connectathon location & dates

Venice (See this link for further details)
April 3-7, 2017

Opening hours: 

  • Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 6:30pm
  • Friday : 8:30am - noon

Testing hours

  • Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 5:30pm
  • Friday : 9:00am - noon


All participants are required to attend until noon on Friday ! Even though you are fine with your tests, some partners may still need your assistance to finish up their tests.

Detailed Connectathon Schedule

This schedule will help you stay on track from January through April!  We also have the Weekly Reminder page containing technical preparation steps.


Email list for Connectathon announcements All participants in the EU Connectathon must join this group. It is used for technical and logistical announcements from the NA Connectathon sponsors and technical managers. To subscribe, send an email to EU_connectathon+subscribe@googlegroups.comPlease note that you need to sign in to a Google account (or create one) in order to join this group.
Connectathon Technical Resources Find details about technical preparation for connectathon:  tools, network, training, and much more.
Policies & Guidelines IHE Europe publishes these policies for contracting, payment, and participation in the IHE European Connectathon 2017.
Connecthon FAQ Answers to questions many first-time participants ask.

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Policies and Guidelines for the IHE-Europe Connectathon 2017



This document provides policies and guidelines for organizations participating in testing at the IHE European Connectathon ("Participants") designed to help ensure successful testing.



Connectathon testing has three specific goals:

  1. Testing Participant implementations of actors and profiles defined in the IHE Technical Frameworks

  2. Testing and providing feedback on actors and profiles defined in the IHE Technical Frameworks
  3. Preparing for any IHE demonstrations in which Participants may also be involved.

Participants are expected to support all three goals as appropriate, to work in a cooperative manner and to show respect for both their peers and the IHE testing process.


Online Testing Management System (Gazelle)

IHE uses an online testing management system, dubbed "Gazelle," to aid in organizing, conducting and recording the testing process. Prospective Participants begin the registration process by entering information in Gazelle about their organization and the systems they wish to test.

Participants are provided with secure access to their account in Gazelle. Throughout the testing process, they use it to access testing requirements and plans for their systems, to find and communicate with prospective testing partners, to track the successful completion of their testing activities and to receive other communications from the Sponsors and the Connectathon Management Team. Gazelle is also used by IHE Europe and the Connectathon Management Team to record and publish the results of testing. Participants are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves in advance with Gazelle and to check it regularly throughout the testing process for announcements and other information.


Connectathon registration fees are based on the number of systems a Participant registers and the number of company/organisation representatives participating to the event. Fees for the IHE 2017 European Connectathon are:

  1. Participation fees are proportional to the number of systems being tested and number of registered participants.
    1. System fee is X Euros per system. 
    2. Participant fee is X Euros per representative for the entire event
  2. There is no domain fee.
  3. Registration of one system entitles you to a table (one table per system)
  4. Registration of each 2 additional representatives entitles you to an extra table on site.
  5. Registration of representatives need to be done at system registration time (before February 27th)
  6. Registration of representatives after the deadline of January 15th will be possible at an higher rate.
  7. All prices (in Euros) are subject to Italy VAT at X%  which can be reclaimed by your company.No VAT will be charge if you provide you Intra community VAT number and are a EU company
  8. "If the performance of the Agreement by either Party or any obligation hereunder is prevented, restricted, or interfered with by reason of a Force Majeure, the Party whose performance is so affected, upon giving prompt notice in writing within fourteen (14) days after the occurrence of such Force Majeure to the other party and shall act to mitigate the damages caused by such Force Majeure, if possible. If a Force Majeure occurs, no Party shall be responsible for any damages, increased costs, or losses that the other Party may sustain by reason of such failure or delay in performance. The Party claiming Force Majeure shall be excused from such performance to the extent of such Force Majeure event, provided however, that the Party so affected shall take all reasonable steps to avoid or remove such causes of non-performance and shall resume performance of its obligations hereunder with dispatch whenever such causes are removed.Should these events of circumstances continue for more than three (3) months, each Party may lawfully and by registered letter terminate the Agreement, without any compensation to the other Party being due. "
  9. Participation fees are non-refundable four (4) weeks after the end of the registration(a recovery of 50% of due fee can be submitted before the end of this period). The period of retraction is one (1) week. Participation fees will be invoiced following the registration.
  10. Participation fees or purchase order are due by no later than February 27th 2017. An extra Late Payment Fee (12%) will be charged when payment has not been received on the IHE-Bank Account on February 27th 2017 or purchase order has not been provided. IHE Europe reserves the right to refuse participation in the IHE Connectathon event if Payment of Participation Fees has not been received on the IHE-Europe Bank Account before the actual start of the event.
  11. The IHE Review Committee, reserves the right to refuse participation to systems containing combinations of Actors it deems to be inappropriate or not reflective of practical systems architecture. The IHE Review Committee will make this determination in consultation with the Project Management Team. Participants may be asked to revise their applications to limit the number and type of IHE Actors included in a single system.