NIST XDS toolkit tests

This section contains test pre-Connectathon cases with the NIST XDS Toolkit prior to IHE CONNECTATHONS.  Follow the link below.


The NIST XDS Toolkit is used by developers before and during IHE North American and European Connectathons.  The tools enable developers to test actors in several IHE profiles listed below.

Location of tool and associated documentation: 

Source code and release notes for XDS Toolkit are found here:

IHE profiles/actors tested:

The NIST XDS Toolkit contains tests for these actors:

      • XDS.b - Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing:
        • Document Registry
        • Document Registry for Metadata Update (ITI-57)
        • Document Repository
        • Integrated Source/Repository??
      • XDR - Cross-Enterprise Document Reliable Interchange:
        • Document Recipient
      • XDS-I.b - Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging:
        • Imaging Document Source
      • XCA - Cross Community Access:
        • Initiating Gateway
        • Responding Gateway
      • XCA-I - Cross Community Access for Imaging:
        • Initiating Imaging Gateway
        • Responding Imaging Gateway
      • MPQ - Multi-patient Query
        • Document Registry
      • RMD - Remove Metadata and Documents:
        • Document Registry
        • Document Repository
      • RMU - Restricted Metadata Update:
        • Update Responder
      • MHD - Mobile access to Health Documents:
        • Document Source
        • Document Recipient

Test instructions for each actor:

The list of tests for each actor now reside within the toolkit package.  Likewise, the test definitions are distributed in the package. (These replace the test definitions maintained on wiki pages in prior years; those wiki pages are now obsolete.)

--> You should perform the tests for the actor(s) you have implemented   You will be instructed to create a 'test session' within the tool to represent the actor you are testing.  When you do this, all of your results are collected within one directory.

How to submit pre-Connectaton test results from XDS Toolkit into Gazelle Test Management:

In Gazelle Test Management, your pre-Connectathon test list will contain one test per actor you are testing with the XDS Toolkit.  The naming convention is XDS_Toolkit_<profile>-<actor>, e.g., XDS_Toolkit_XDS.b-Doc_Repository.

When you have successfully finished testing your actor, create a zip file of the result files located in toolkit in the {ExternalCache}/TestLogCache directory.  Upload that zip file into Gazelle Test Management as the result for this actor, and then change the status of that test to "Verified by vendor".

Stay informed: 

Join the XDS implementer google group to receive information on updates to the tools and to follow Q&A within the developer community.  Users of Toolkit should subscribe.