11300: Load Connectathon Test Patients


These instructions apply to:

  • PIXv2/PIXv3/PIXm - PIX Managers
  • PDQv2/PDQv3/PDQm - Patient Demographics Suppliers
  • XD* - Document Registries
  • XC* - Initiating & Responding Gateways

To support PIX, PDQ, XDS and XC* tests, we ask you to arrive at the Connectathon with specific patients already loaded in your database.  These demograpics include two "well-known" patients FARNSWORTH^STEVE (for PIXv2) and WALTERS^WILLIAM (for PIXv3 & PIXm tests), plus several patients for PDQ/PDQv3/PDQm. There are also several patients used in XDS and XC* testing.

We use the Gazelle PatientManager tool to enable you to load these patients on to your Connectathon test system. 

You can use the PatientManager to:

  • Send the patients to your system via an HL7v2 feed [ITI-8], and HL7 v3 feed [ITI-44], or by loading FHIR Resources. (These are easier methods because all patients can be loaded at once.)
  • Respond to PIX* or PDQ* or XCPD queries for these patients (These methods are not as easy because you have to query for patients individually.)
  • Download FHIR Patient Resources for these patients, individually or as a FHIR Bundle.

Gazelle PatientManager Tool Location & Documentation:


Use the PatientManager tool to pre-load selected patients onto your test system before arriving at the Connectathon. Note: the regular pre-Connectathon test deadline does not apply to this pre-Connectathon 'test'. It will help you to get this task done before Connectathon.

The User Manual contains documentation about:

Which patients?

The PatientManager contains patients to load for Connectathon testing.

  • In the PatientManager tool, select menu Connectathon-->Patient Demographics
    • All patients listed are applicable to the Connectathon.  Each patient has a Patient ID in multiple assigning authorities, each representing a different XDS Affinity domain.  If you are new to Connectathon testing, this is explained here.
  • The patients you should load depend on what actor(s) you support:


There is no log file associated with this 'test', so you do not need to upload pre-Connectathon results into Gazelle Test Management for this test.