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CAT in Brussels

For general information about the connectathon and the connectathon week (related events, accomodation) is available on IHE Europe connectathon dedicated website.


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Parcel shipment

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Parcel shipment

In case you need to ship parcels (server racks, devices) to the connectathon venue. Autoworld is willing to receive and store parcels from March, 13th. To get it back to your office, they shall be collected by April, 3rd the latest.



Parc du cinquantenaire 11

1000 Brussels


Do not forget to mention your company name and "IHE Europe Connectathon" so that Autoworld understands the purpose of the delivery.


Invitation letter

May you need a visa to enter Belgium, IHE-Europe can provide you with an invitation letter. Simply fill-in this form and send it back to office[at]ihe-europe.net. Invite letter will only be provided to participants from companies which have already send back their contract.

Milestones and timeline

Participant cheat sheet

Need help to complete your contract ? Read here

Tips to complete your contract

First your contract is available from Registration > Financial Summary. If red lines are displayed at the bottom of this page, that means that Gazelle is missing pieces of information from you.


1. Whether you need a Purchase Order to be added to the invoice IHE-Europe will send you, you can add it from Registration > Manage organization information > Billing address section
2. You can also add your VAT details from this same place ( Registration > Manage organization information > Billing address section )
3. The mailing address is missing for the organization: We need to know about the mailing address of your company, add it from Registration > Manage organization information. This is done in several steps. If there is no address defined at all or if you need to add a new one, first click on "Click here to add a new address", you save your form and then you click the "Select" button for this address to become your mailing address. It works the same way to add a billing address. A common error, is to not complete this second step.
4. Either 
* Missing Address for Financial Contacts.
* Missing Technical Contacts.
* Missing Marketing Contacts.
is displayed, you shall add one or several contacts and set what are their scopes. Add a contact from Registration > Manage contacts. Then click on 'Add a contact'. Creating a contact does not create a Gazelle account for that person.
5. Add event participants to be invoiced right now for the correct number of participants (otherwise, separated invoices will be sent). Go to Registration > Testing Session Participants. You can add either someone who has a Gazelle account within your company (Import from users), either someone from your list of contacts (Import from contacts).
6. Make sure all the dependencies of your systems are met in terms of IHE dependencies among actors (if that is not the case, edit the Actor/Profile list of your system and click on "Add missing dependencies" (orange button).


If you are still questions or issues, you are welcome to write to technical.manager@ihe-europe.net to get support.

Resources for monitors

Test tools and testing tips

List of test tools

Tool resources


ATNA testing & digital certificates


Be prepared


 Thorought vs Supportive

With the support of Gazelle Test Management, the connectathon management team offers you to perform limited testing if you are a returning participant. See why, how and what are the conditions here.

 Document Sharing testing - Several affinity domains

Explanation of multiple affinity domain Connectathon tests for participants testing XDS.b, XDS-I.b, PDQ/PDQv3, PIX/PIXv3, and cross-community profiles XC* (eg XCA, XCPD, etc). Details



Training resources

Find general trainings here


Registration webinar

Dec, 10th 2019


Post-Registration webinar

Jan, 30th 2019



SUT Configurations in Gazelle

Test Management

& Use of Gazelle Proxy