NA Connectathon 2021 Application and Network Info

  Prepare your system to test at the Connectathon.  Find configuration, IP address, OIDs and other network information here.

Configuration for Connectathon test systems / OIDs


Gazelle assigns you default parameters based on the profiles & actors you signed up to test.  Your task is to update those to actual parameter for your test system and marked them 'Approved'.  This is done in gazelle under menu Configuration-->System Configuration.

Hostnames: Each test system in gazelle is given a hostname. This will be the full qualified domain name.  You will also incldue your static IP address.

The gazelle proxy:  The config/ports for the gazelle proxy are shown on the gazelle configuration page in red font.  There is separate training provided about use of the gazelle proxy.

Many systems need OIDs as part of their configuration (Patient ID Sources, XDS Source & Repositories, homeCommunityIDs, others...).  These are assigned in gazelle under menu Configuration-->OIDs for current session.

Any questions about configuration parameters should be sent to Philip DePalo (...after you have viewed the training ;-) )

Training on gazelle configuration entry

There is a a new Gazelle in town. The training for this has changed.

IHE Services has provided this guide to assist with the online process for setting up your congifurations:

The information below is geared towards a Face to Face Connectathon:

 IP Addresses

  1. You must follow the guide above to edit and enter your own IP and domain name.
  2. You will then download the hosts file to whitelist other participants in your firewall.
  3. You can see all IP addresses (all systems, including yours, using Gazelle (
    -- Configurations -> Network Configuration Overview
    -- Lower left: Download hosts file

Connectivity Testing

You may use this IHE Services guide to perform connectivity testing: Connectivity Testing


Thank you for your patience during this new process.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.


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