Connectathon Training: Connectathon Tasks

 Connectathon Task Training

NA 2019 Participant Training

- An overview of process and some technical training

PPT Slides (with notes)

Webex Recording - 2019.01.10 (56 min)

Pre-Recorded Sessions:


Connectathon Week Game Plan

- NA 2018: Connectathon and Gazelle Walkthrough

- NA 2015: Connectathon Week Process

- Part 1: Connectathon process overview (for first-time participants)

- Part 2: Using gazelle at the Connectathon (for all participants)


- PPT slides      PDF slides   WebEx Recording


Part 1: .mp4

Part 2: .mp4help page 


Gazelle - How to enter and share your configuration parameters

- entering DICOM & HL7v2 parameters for your test system

- entering webservices parameters & finding your OIDs

- finding & exporting your test partners' configurations

help page 

- recording | .mp4

- .mp4  

- .mp4 | help page


Gazelle - Review Connectathon tests

Find and read Connectathon tests in advance of the test event


Gazelle - Find test partners

Determine potential test partners in advance of the test event

.pptx  | .pdf  

Gazelle - Results View

Details on results view in


Gazelle - Test instance management


Gazelle Security Suite - ATNA testing...TLS simulator, PKI for certificate generation, ATNA Questionnaire, Audit message checking

Gazelle Security Suite user manual

recording  (from Nov 2015)

Gazelle proxy

Using the Proxy during Connectathon - why and how

- Proxy overview - recording for participants (24 min)

Gazelle Proxy user manual

Video on youtube (10 min)

Gazelle Order Manager

Gazelle Order Manager user manual 

Overview presentation - .ppt (May 2012)

How to use Order Manager to create Modality Worklist  .mp4 (Jan 2013)

 Connectathon Tool Documentation
Connectathon tools Connectathon Tool Documentation