Connectathon Training: System Registration

Training Devoted to Connectathon Registration

This page has training material to help you register for a Connectathon using the Gazelle Connectathon Management software.

This website has a full page of training resources that covers this topic as well as many others.

IHE International - Training Resources
Interpreting IHE Technical Frameworks

This presentation covers terminology used in the IHE Technical Frameworks.  If you've never read IHE documentation before, you will find this background information helpful. (recording | .mp4)



 Connectathon Registration Training

Gazelle - How to complete registration.  There are several steps:

  1. User accounts, company & contact info: managing gazelle user accounts (logins) & company/organization details, entering contact information (**Same process as last year, if you participated in EU or NA connectathons from 2012-14, your information is carried forward; you can skip this recording**)

  2. System registration: entering system(s), profiles, actors, and options you want to test

  3. Connectathon contract: how to generate (**same process as last year**)

  4. Participant registration: register staff who will attend (Note: NA Connectathons do not use gazelle for staff badge registration)



  1. .mp4 | slides 

  2. .mp4 | slides | help page

  3. .mp4 | slides

  4. help page