11106: ATNA Questionnaire

Overview of the test

In this test you complete a form which collects information that will help us evaluate the Audit Logging and Node Authentication capabilities of your Connectathon test system.

The contents of your ATNA Questionnaire are customized based on the the profiles and actors that you have registered to test at a given Connectathon.  Depending non the profiles/actors you have registered forn the ATNA Questionnaire will ask you to validate audit messages for transactions you support.  You will be asked to demonstrate successful TLS connections for the transports you support (eg DICOM, MLLP, HTTP).

Prerequisite for this test

Before you can generate your on-line ATNA questionnaire...

  • You must have a test system registered in Gazelle Test Management (Gazelle TM) for the upcoming IHE Connectathon.
  • Your test system must be registered to test an ATNA actor, e.g., Secure Node, Secure Application, Audit Record Repository...
  • Your test system must have a status of "Completed". 
    • This is because the content of the Questionnaire is build based on the profiles & actors you support. We want to know that your registration is complete.
    • To check this, log in to the NA or EU Gazelle Test Management. Select menu Registration->Manage Systems.
    • On the System summary for your system,  the Registration Status must be set to "Completed" before you start your ATNA Questionnaire.

Location of the ATNA Tools:  Gazelle Security Suite (GSS)

Log in to the tool

There are separate CAS systems for European and North American Connectathons.  The European CAS is linked to http://gazelle.ihe.net/EU-CAT/ and the North American CAS is linked to https://gazelle.iheusa.org/gazelle-na/.   You will use your username & password from Gazelle Test management for either the European or NA Connectathon:

  • On the tool home page (http://gazelle.ihe.net/gss) find the "Login" link at the upper right of the page.  
  • Select either "European Authentication" or "North American Authentication"
  • Enter the username and password from either the European or North American instances of Gazelle Test Management.

Important note:  Because the contents of your ATNA Questionnaire is linked to your Connectathon test system in Gazelle for EU or Gazelle for NA, your user account in Gazelle must be working in the current testing session.  Use menu Gazelle--> Change Testing Session to select the testing session for your current Connectathon.


1. In GSS, select menu Audit Trail --> ATNA Questionnaires

2. First, search for any existing questionnaires for your organization. Use the filters at the top of the page to search based on various criteria.  You will only be able to access the questionnaires created for your organization's test systems.  Admins and monitors can access all of them.


 3. You can use the icons in the right column to:

View the content of the questionnaire

  • Edit it
  • Review it (monitors only)
  • Delete it (administrators only)

Browser entry


4. If no questionnaire is available for your test system, you need to create a new one.  

  • Click on the "New ATNA Questionnaire" button
  • From the dropdown list, select the name of your test system.   Note: If your system doesn't appear...
    • ...is your test system registered with status of "Completed"?
    • ...are you registered for ATNA Secure Node or Secure Application?
    • ...is the testing session closed (ie is the connectathon over)?
  • Next, click the "Back to list" button.  Use the filter at the top to find your questionnaire in the list.  Use the "Edit" icon in the "Action" column to begin.

5. Complete the questionnaire.  You are now in the ATNA Questionnaire Editor.

  • In the System details, identify the ATNA actor you support.  Choose either "Secure Node (SN)" or "Secure Application (SA)"
  • Complete the "Inbound network communications" tab
  • Complete the "Outbound network communications" tab
  • Complete the "Authentication process for local users" tab
  • Complete the "Audit messages" tab.  This tab is used with test 11116.
  • Secure Nodes only:  Complete the "Non network means for accessing PHI" tab 
  • Complete the "TLS Tests" tab.  This tab is used with test 11109

6.  Mark your questionnaire "Ready for review"

  • When all tabs in the questionnaire are complete, set the Questionnaire's status to "Ready for review" in the "Questionnaire details" section.

7. Finally, create a text file stating that your questionnaire is ready for review. Upload that text file into your local gazelle as the Log Return file for pre-Connectathon test 11106.


Although we encourage you to complete your ATNA Questionnaire before you arrive at Connectathon, it is the Connectathon monitors who will review and verify your form *during Connectathon week*. 

Note:  You cannot get connectathon credit (i.e. a "Pass") for your ATNA Secure Node/Application without completing and submitting your questionnaire.