11110: Authentication error cases

Overview of the test

This test exercises several error cases.  You will use the ATNA TLS Tool as a simulated client, trying to connect to a Secure Node (SN) or Secure Application (SA) acting as a server.

*** If your SN/SA is only a client (ie it only initiates transactions), then this test case is not applicable for you.  Skip it. ***

Prerequisite for this test

Run test 11109 Authentication Test before running this 'error cases' test.

Location of the ATNA Tools:  Gazelle Security Suite

Log in to the tool

There are separate CAS systems for European and North American Connectathons.  The European CAS is linked to http://gazelle.ihe.net/EU-CAT/ and the North American CAS is linked to https://gazelle.iheusa.org/gazelle-na/.   You will use your username & password from gazelle for either the European or NA Connectathon:

  • On the tool home page (http://gazelle.ihe.net/gss) find the "Login" link at the upper right of the page.  
  • Select either "European Authentication" or "North American Authentication"
  • Enter the username and password from either the European or North American instances of Gazelle Test Management linked above


  1. Select menu TLS/SSL-->Testing-->Test Cases
  2. Run each of the error test cases listed:
    1. IHE_ErrorCase_Corrupted
    2. IHE_ErrorCase_Expired
    3. IHE_ErrorCase_Revoked
    4. IHE_ErrorCase-Self-Signed
    5. IHE_ErrorCase_Unknown
    6. IHE_ErrorCase_Without_Authentication
    7. IHE_ErrorCase_Wrong_Key
  3. Once you are on the 'Run a test' page, use the 'Client type' dropdown list to select the transport supported on your server (HL7v2, DICOM, HL7, DICOM_ECHO, WEBSERVICE, SYSLOG, or RAW)
  4. Input the host / IP address and port of your system and click on 'Run'.
  5. If you implement several transports as a server, you should mix message types over those error test cases in order to have at least one implemented protocol covered by one step.   It is not necessary to run each of the test cases for each transport.
  6. After each test case, find your result in the list of Test Executions
  7. Capture the permanent links to your PASSED results.  Copy/paste the links into Gazelle Test Management for pre-Connectathon test 11110 .


Each error case must have a result of 'PASSED'. 

Each transport type (HL7v2, DICOM, HL7, DICOM_ECHO, WEBSERVICE, SYSLOG, or RAW) implemented by your system as a server must have been tested at least one time in the list of error cases.

If you are performing this test in preparation for a Connectathon, a Connectathon monitor will verify your results pasted into each test step.