11116: Audit message check

Overview of the test

This test applies to a Secure Node/Application that supports the ATX: TLS Syslog or ATX: TLS UDP Option.

In this test, a Secure Node or Secure Application tests audit messages it sends.  

  • We use the Gazelle Security Suite (GSS) tool to test the content of the audit message against the schema and against requirements documented in the IHE Technical Framework for some transactions.  
  • In this test, we do not test the transport of the audit message (TLS or UDP).

The Gazelle Security Suite tool provides the ability to validate audit messages against the DICOM schema and the audit message definitions for many transactions in IHE Technical Frameworks.  (We are not longer testing the RFC 3881 schema; the ATNA profile requires support for the DICOM schema for syslog audit messages sent via ITI-20.)

Location of the ATNA Tools:  Gazelle Security Suite

Log in to the GSS tool

When logging in to GSS, you will use your username & password from Gazelle Test Management for your testing event.  There are separate CAS systems for different instances of Gazelle Test Management, and you will have to take this into account when logging in to GSS:

  • The European CAS is linked to Gazelle Test Management at http://gazelle.ihe.net/TM/ <---This will be used for the 2022 IHE Connectathon
  • The North American CAS is linked to Gazelle Test Management at https://gazelle.iheusa.org/gazelle-na/
  • If you don't have an account, you can create a new on the Gazelle Test Management home page.

On the GSS home page (http://gazelle.ihe.net/gss) find the "Login" link at the upper right of the page.  

  • Select either "European Authentication" or "North American Authentication"
  • Enter the username and password from either Gazelle Test Management linked above.


You may perform this test directly in the ATNA Questionnaire **or** you may use the Gazelle EVSClient tool.  If you are preparing for an IHE Connectathon, you should use the instructions below for the ATNA Questionnaire.

---->Instructions for checking audit messages using the ATNA Questionnaire:

  1. Create a new ATNA Questionnaire for your test system using the instructions for test 11106.
  2. Find the Audit Messages tab in the questionnaire.  That tab contains "Instructions" and enables you to upload and validate audit messages directly on that tab.   
  3. You should validate all messages that you have marked "Implemented".
  4. When you are done, find the Permanent Link to the your ATNA Questionnaire.  Copy/paste that link into the chat window in Gazelle Test Management for test 11116.  

---->Instructions for checking audit messages using the EVSClient tool:

  1. In the Gazelle EVSClient, select menu IHE-->Audit messages-->Validate
  2. Select the Add button, and upload the XML file for your audit message
  3. From the Model based validation dropdown list, select the entry that matches your audit message. (Note that additional validations will be added over time.)
  4. Select the Validate button.  
  5. You should validate all audit messages associated with functionality & transactions supported by your test system.
  6. In the Validation Results displayed, find the Permanent Link to the results.  Copy/paste the link(s) into the chat window in Gazelle Test Management for 11116.


Depending on the testing event, the results of this test may be reviewed in advance.  More typically, it will be reviewed and graded by a Monitor during the test event itself (e.g. during Connectathon week).

The tool reports the results of the validation of your messages.  We are looking for PASSED results.