11118: AuditEvent Resource check

Overview of the test

This test applies to a Secure Node/Application that supports the ATX: FHIR Feed Option.

The RESTful ATNA TI Supplement, Section, defines a mapping between DICOM Audit Messages and FHIR AuditEvent Resources. Implementers should be creating their AuditEvent Resources according to the defined mappings, and expect that they will be examined according those mappings at 2020 IHE Connecthons.

  • In test EVS_FHIR_Resource_Validation, a Secure Node or Secure Applicationis  asked to use the Gazelle EVSClient tool to test the content of the AuditEvent Resource against the baseline FHIR Requirements.
  • In this AuditEventResource check test:  Expected by Dec 31, 2019: Gazelle tools will be enhanced to provide additional validation of AuditResource based on constraints in [ITI-20]. The RESTful ATNA TI Supplement, Section mapping will enable Gazelle tooling to verify specifics of the IHE-defined audit records that are sent as FHIR AuditEvent Resources.  



---->Instructions for checking additional constraints on AuditEvent Resources (mapping defifned in ITI TF-2b:

  1. Instructions TBD when tool update is complete.


The tool reports the results of the validation of your Resources.  We are looking for PASSED results.