Preload Connectathon Test Patients


These instructions apply to:

  • PIXv2/PIXv3/PIXm - PIX Managers
  • PDQv2/PDQv3/PDQm - Patient Demographics Suppliers
  • XD*, MHD - Document Sources submitting docs to XDS Reg/Rep or MHD Recipient
  • XC* - Initiating & Responding Gateways
  • MHD testing

To support PIX, PDQ, XDS, and XC* tests, we ask you to arrive at the Connectathon with specific patients already loaded in your database.  These demograpics include two "well-known" patients FARNSWORTH^STEVE (for PIXv2) and WALTERS^WILLIAM (for PIXv3 & PIXm tests), plus several patients for PDQ/PDQv3/PDQm. There are also several patients used in XDS, SDC/MHD and XC* testing.

We use the Gazelle PatientManager tool to enable you to load these patients on to your Connectathon test system. 

You can use the PatientManager to:

  • Download FHIR Patient Resources for these patients, individually or as a FHIR Bundle.
  • Send the patients to your system via an HL7v2 feed [ITI-8], and HL7 v3 feed [ITI-44], or by loading FHIR Resources. (These are easier methods because all patients can be loaded at once.)
  • Respond to PIX* or PDQ* or XCPD queries for these patients (These methods are not as easy because you have to query for patients individually.)

Gazelle PatientManager Tool:


Use the PatientManager tool to pre-load selected patients onto your test system.  It will help you to get this task done before arriving at Connectathon.

Which patients?

The PatientManager contains patients to load for Connectathon testing.

  • In the PatientManager tool, select menu Connectathon-->Patient Demographics
    • All patients listed are applicable to the Connectathon.  These records each have Patients IDs with the 4 Assigning Authorities used at the Connectathon (IHERED, IHEGREEN, IHEBLUE, and IHEFACILITY.  If you are new to Connectathon testing, this is explained here.
  • The patients you should load depend on what actor(s) you support:
    • PIX* Manager -- Load all of the patients listed.  Load Patient IDs for all Assigning Authority values.
    • PDQ* Supplier -- Load all of the patients listed.  Load Patient IDs one Assigning Authority (your choice) unless you are also a PIX Manager.
    • Doc Registries -- Load all of the patients listed.  Load Patient IDs for only the one Assigning Authority assigned to your Registry here.
    • XC* Gateways -- Load two patients with last name "Xcpd".  Load Patient IDs for only the one Assigning Authority assigned to your Gateway here.
    • SDC/MHD testers -- Load patients with last name "SDC-ONE", "SDC-TWO", "SDC-THREE", "SDC-FOUR"


  • To download patients as FHIR Patient Resources, use the download icon to download an individual Patient Resource, or use that icon at the top of the Actions column to download all selected patients as a FHIR Bundle.

The User Manual contains documentation about:


There is no log file associated with this 'test', so you do not need to upload results into Gazelle Test Management for this test.