New in Gazelle !

Things are moving around in Gazelle Test Management. Learn about the changes we are bringing to improve your experience with the test bed.

Most of the changes we are bringing to Gazelle Test Management are driven by the experience from past years. Gazelle Test Management was first designed to address the Connectathon process but it is now used for a broader types of test sessions: Connectathon, Projectathon, Conformity assessment among others. The leitmotiv in our renovation work is thus to get rid of the Connectathon specific wording and fall back to more standard testing vocabulary.

In the same way, all the test sessions are handled more on less the same way, with 4 main phases: Registration, Preparation, Testing, and Evaluation. This finding leads us to organise the tool for the user to easily find the features of interest in a given phase.

Gazelle Test Management 6.10.0 - Released on 23 December 2022

Beside bug fixes, this release introduces new content on the home page for the testing session manager and tool administrators. Actually, the Registration and Preparation phases are now populate for those users.

As a testing session manager or tool administrator, for each testing session, you will find,

  • During the registration period:
    • The number of attendees and how many organisations registered participants;
    • The number of registered SUTs along with their statuses and how many organisations registered SUTs;
    • Statistics on the scope of the testing session.
  • During the preparation phase:
    • The number of accepted SUTs and how many are still awaiting acceptance
    • Your progress in reviewing the supportive requests
    • The status of the SUTs network interfaces (approved vs not approved) and hosts (IP address assigned vs waiting for an IP)
    • Statistics on preparatory tests (per status)
    • Statistics regarding the scope of the testing session
    • Number of attendees
    • Number of monitors

In addition, this release introduces a new feature call "Testing session scope" and available under the Testing menu.

This section lists all the Profiles which are selected for the testing session and, for each actors of a given profile, the SUTs that claim support to it. Testing session manager are allowed to give a status to each Profile: Testable, Few partners, or Dropped as well as to enter a comment.

The testing session participants (users with role vendor, vendor_admin, or monitor) are allowed to see the status of the profile, and the list of SUTs per actor.

Read more in Gazelle Test Management user manual.

Gazelle Test Management 6.8.0 - Released on 3 September 2022

This release comes with statistics for the testing session managers and tool administrator users. Only the testing and evaluation phase displays data.

The testing session managers and tool administrators can now have quick access to PKI about the testing session.

During the testing phase, the following informations are displayed:

  • Number of test runs and what are they statuses
  • Workload for the monitors
  • Number of test runs that are waiting for an action by a monitor for more than 24 hours.

TSM testing

During the evaluation phase, for each domain, the number of SUT AIPOs to be evaluated and what their statuses are, as well as the total number of test runs and their final statuses.

evaluation for TSM

Gazelle Test Management 6.7.0 - Released on 17 August 2022

Statistics about test execution and system evaluation are displayed to the user.

For continuous testing session or during the testing phase of an event, the user logs with vendor or vendor_admin roles see statistics for each of the systems of their organisation that have been accepted to the event.

Test session process section - Testing

During the evaluation phase of an event, the user logs with vendor or vendor_admin roles see statistics about the evaluation of their systems under test.

Test session process section - Evaluation

Gazelle Test Management 6.6.0 - Released on 4 August 2022

This new release of Gazelle Test Management:

Allows you to quickly see the status of your network configuration [Read more];

Offers a new user interface for the testing dashboard [Read more].


Statistics about your SUTs' network configuration

Gazelle Test Management offers a feature for the systems under test to share the connectivity details of their network interfaces. Templates are generated by the tool based on the capabilities selected for each of your systems under test. 

Before the testing event starts, you are expected to review those network interfaces and make sure the details match your implementation:

  • Is the port accurate?
  • Is the service protected by TLS?
  • Is the AETitle correct?
  • And so on.

When you are logged in as vendor or vendor_admin, and at least one of your systems under test is accepted to the session, the home page displays information about the Preparation phase, including details about the network.

For each systems under test that has been accepted, a progress bar shows you how many network interfaces have been approved and how many still need some review from you.


Test execution page

Although the principle of the test execution page remains the same, the layout has been deeply reviewed with the objective to lighten and clarify that page. We hope you will enjoy using it.

You can still

  • access the list of test cases per SUT capability (Actor / Profile / Profile Option)
  • start new test runs (aka test instances)
  • filter your search
  • create presets (now known as "Quick filters"), use the floppy disk icon and give a name to your search
  • use a quick filter as your default test execution page, use the star icon

What's new?


  • It is the number of test runs your system shall (for required tests)/should (for option tests) verified 
  • Orange is used for required test; grey is used for optional test
  • The target turns into green when it's reached

Progress at capability level

  • The progress bar reaches 100% when all the targets for the required tests are reached. For this reason, the maximum number of test runs taken into account is the target nulber
  • Optional tests are not counted
  • Progress bar disapeared as soon as the capability is evaluated

Not included

  • Progress in terms of percentage, it was often misleading
  • Ability to write an internal comment at a test case level, it was rarely used


Gazelle Test Management 6.5.0 - Released on 22 July 2022

This version of Gazelle Test Management can be integrated with KeyCloack as a identification provider. It allows users to log into third-party tools using their Gazelle's credentials.

This version of Gazelle Test Management comes with a module to communicate with, it allows:

  • Creating users accounts for all the active users registered in Gazelle Test Management;
  • Creating a dedicated private channel when a test run is started;
  • Sending notification to the test run channel when changes are brought to the test run in Gazelle Test Management.

Gazelle Test Management 6.4.0 - Released on 14 April 2022

Continuous test session

Test session managers can now create test session with no registration deadline, nor start and end dates. It will be more convenient than setting up dates far in the future. In such Continuous test sessions, participants can add and edit systems under test at any time.

Support to participants in the test session process

When participants logs into Gazelle Test Management with role vendor or vendor_admin, they will now see a new section on the home page. This section indicates which phase is ongoing: registration, preparation, testing, or evaluation and gives shortcuts to the features of interest in the given phase.

In a next release, this section will be enriched with indicators about the progress of the Progress, Testing, and Evaluation for each accepted system under test.

Test execution

On the test execution page, the type of test is now displayed for each test. For the IHE Connectathon* 2022, it has been chosen to get rid of the Pre-Connectathon feature and rather use the Test execution page. When you access your test plan (Testing > Test execution), you will see the Preparatory-test, they are the tests you are expected to execute before the event starts.

That is to say that you will now use the test instance page to report results about a Preparatory (Pre-Connectathon) test.


You still have the ability to request to test as "supportive", rules remain unchanged. This feature is now called Testing depth.

Gazelle Test Management 6.3.0 - Released on March 18

New menu

The whole menu bar has been reorganised for all the users. 

  • TF (for Technical Framework) was a so obscure label that it has simply been renamed into Specifications. We've done some clean-up to keep only the sections of interest for each category of users. The first entry in the menu leads you to the website hosting the specifications this instance of Gazelle is used for.
  • Test session entry is only visible to administrators of the tool and test session managers (if they are assigned to the current session), it gathers the pointers to all the features that are dependent on the test session: Invoicing, SUT management, attendees management, KPI,...
  • Registration is where you will start your registration journey.
  • Preparation gather the pointers to the network configuration (including the configuration of your endpoints, now known as SUT network interface) as well as those to the Preparatory tests (formerly known as Pre-Connectathon menu).
  • Testing is where you will go during the actual testing phase of the test session. You will find the "Test execution and logs" page, formerly known as main Connectathon page.
    • Sample exchange is where to go to post and consume sample objects;
    • Testing session scope shows you what are the profiles being tested;
    • Available partners lists all the systems under test registered for the ongoing testing session;
    • Test repository is where all the test cases defined in your project (Connectathon, Projectathon) reside.
  • Evaluation is where you will find the final results of the test session, which capabilities are passed or failed for all the systems under test your organisation has registered.
  • Administration is available to test session managers, tool administrators and organisation owners. You will find there access to the user management, organisation details management and so on.

New home page

The home page is now fully editable. No more generated content you do not want to disclose to the users. The tool administrator can input his own content.

A placeholder for the documentation has been added to the home page. It will allow the event organizers to gather all the resources in one place. 

In the same way, you will notice a new "Tool index" section on the home page and on all pages in the Gazelle Test Management tools. It gathers all the useful pointers to the test tools of interest for the participants. This section is as well editable by the tool administrator.

The registration page

For users with role vendor or vendor owner, the page accessible from the Registration menu gathers three pages from the "old" Gazelle: Manage systems (now Participating systems under test), Test session participants (now Event attendees), Financial summary (now Fees and Contracts). In this first version, the edition of those objects is still performed using the old page.

And next?

The main changes to be brought in the coming months:

  • More accurate indicators and details about the test runs for SUT Operators
  • Apply feedbacks about the test execution page