30400 : LPOCT : Accepted Observation Set (for the POCDM)

This test concerns the POCDM actor of the LPOCT profile. You will need to validate with EVSClient tool the IHE conformance of your HL7 messages.


As your system implements the  POCDM   actor, you will need to test the HL7 messages used in the LAB-32 transaction : "Accepted Observation Set".
Your system must be able to send HL7 messages (to the Oder Filler actor) of types :

  • ORU^R30^ORU_R30, for the LAB-32  transaction
  • ORU^R31^ORU_R30 , for the LAB-32  transaction

To test the IHE conformance of your HL7 messages, go to the EVSCLient tool at this location : EVSClient
If it is your first time with this tool, please read the user manual : EVSClient User Manual
In the EVSClient tool, go to the HL7 menu entry and choose "HL7v2" then click on "Message Validation".
Paste your message to validate in the box. (You can hit the "Guess" button to preset the Message Profile OID.)
For example, for the ORU^R30^ORU_R30 message :

  1. Copy the ORU^R30^ORU_R30 HL7 message from your system. Paste it in the box in the EVSClient page. 
  2. Select the Message profile OID according to your message. In this example : 
    • Affinity Domain : IHE
    • Domain : Laboratory
    • Actor : Point Of Care Data Manager
    • Transaction : LAB-32
    • Message Type : ORU^R30^ORU_R30
    • HL7 Version : HL7v2.5
  3. Once you have selected the Profile OID, press the "Validate" button. If the Validation Result is not "PASSED", it means your HL7 message is not according to the LPOCT Profile of the Laboratory  Technical Framework. If the Validation Result is "PASSED", copy the "Permanent link" and paste it in Gazelle as the result of this test. For further details, see this tutorial : How enter your pre-connectathon test result in Gazelle (only for the LAW, LCSD, LPOCT and LBL Profiles of the Laboratory Domain) ?

Do this for all messages and don't forget to copy/paste the "Permanent link" of the validation result to Gazelle.


  • The validation status shall be "PASSED" for all messages.
  • The message type shall be the right message type, according to IHE.
  • Each of the three messages must be validated at least one time and the permanent link must be paste to Gazelle.