4403: Radiation Dose SR Evaluation

Actors in the REM profile are required to create DICOM-compliant Radiation Dose SR objects.  This also applies to Dose Information Reporters that perform anonymization for transaction [RAD-63] Submit Dose Information

In this test, we validate your sample SRs using PixelMed's DoseUtility tool, one of the DICOM validators hosted in the Gazelle EVSClient tool.


  1. Access the EVS Client: http://gazelle.ihe.net/EVSClient
  2. Select menu IHE-->DICOM-->DICOM validation
  3. Upload the file you want to validate.
  4. Then, select Pixelmed from the dropdown list of DICOM validator tools 
  5. Click Execute
Capture your results:
  1. Select menu IHE / DICOM / Validated DICOM objects
  2. Examine your results and find the Permanent link to the results
  • You are finished with this test when you have either satisfied all of the errors detected by the tool. If you disagree with the results of the tool, you can write a short (1 or 2 line) description that describes why your object is correct and the DICOM tool software is in error.
  • For this pre-Connectathon test in gazelle, paste the Permanent link to your results into the comment field, instead of uploading a log file. (This is also where you can comment on the results of the validation).
  • Change the status of the test to Verified by vendor
  • The tool identifies errors in your content.