[Deprecated] External Validation Service Front-end

Warning: This documentation is out-dated, newest version of the documentation is available at https://gazelle.ihe.net/gazelle-documentation 

Access the External Validation Service Front-end


This application has been developed with the purpose of aggregating in a same user interface, the access to all validation services developed for IHE. Services called are the following:

  • Gazelle HL7 Validator for HL7v2.x and HL7v3 messages
  • Schematron-based Validator (CDA, Audit messages, HL7v3, assertions...)
  • Model-based validator for CDA
  • Model-based validator for XD* messages
  • Model-based validator for XDW
  • Model-based validator for DSUB
  • Model-based validator for SVS
  • Model-based validator for HPD
  • Certificates validation
  • JHOVE for PDF files validation
  • Dicom3Tools, DCMCHECK, Dcm4Che, Pixelmed for validating DICOM objects

In the menu bar of the user interface, we have chosen to sort the validators by affinity domains, currently to differents affinity domains are available: IHE and epSOS.

Contents which can be validated using this tool are: HL7v2.x and HL7v3 messages, CDA documents, SAML assertions, ATNA audit messages, certificates, XD* messages, XDW documents and DICOM object.

Schematrons section allows the user to download the schematrons which are used to validate XML files. Those schematrons are sorted according the type of object they validate.

Important notice

Note that when using the EVS Client application, if you are NOT logged in, every document/message that you validate is stored in our database, referenced and available to everybody. If you do not want to have your documents/messages public, then you need to log in using the "CAS login", it uses your Gazelle's (EU-CAT) credentials.