[Deprecated] ATNA Questionnaire

Warning: This documentation is out-dated, newest version of the documentation is available at https://gazelle.ihe.net/gazelle-documentation/Gazelle-Security-Suite/user.html


Beginning in April 2015, an on-line ATNA Questionnaire replaces the MS-Word version that had been used in previous years.

Purpose of the ATNA Questionnaire

The purpose of the ATNA questionnaire is to collect information regarding the implementation of the ATNA requilrements in a Connectathon test system. Each test system that supports the ATNA Secure Node or Secure Application actor is required to complete an ATNA questionnaire; this is pre-Connectathon test 11106.  Your completed quetionnaire will help Connectathon monitors understand your system's capabilities, and it will direct their evaluation of your system during the Connectathon.

How to access the ATNA Questionnaire template (for connectathon participants)

The ATNA questionnaire resides in GSS, go to Audit Trail > ATNA Questionnaires.

For instructions on completing the questionnaire, see pre-Connectathon test 11106

It is important to note that the ATNA Questionnaire builds the list of inbound/outbound connections available for your system as its creation and based on your system informationt in Gazelle Test Management. If you modify your system in TM afterwards, ATNA Questionnaire will no longer be valid. You will have to delete you questionnaire and recreate a new one.

Review a questionnaire (for monitors)

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Issues and Feature requests

This Gazelle modules is managed in Jira, you can report issues and ask for new features here.