AuditMessage Validation

XDStarClient provides a validation service for AuditMessages.

The validation tool is based on schema validation and model based validation, which is different from the model based validation of XDS metadatas. The difference is, we do not define the contraints and the rules from a UML model, but from a GUI integrated into XDSarClient. This GUI describe the same table used by dicom and IHE to describe the elements that should be provided in an audit message. The edition of the constraint can be done from TLS application :

  1. first you have to login as an administrator
  2. then go to menu -> administration -> Audit Messages Configurations

For a simple user, to view the list of constraint related to a kind of audit message, the user shall go to menu -> documentation -> Audit Messages Documentation

To view the specific constraints related to an audit message, you hav to click on the message ID. Each audit message description has a unique permanent URL. Example :

The wsdl has generally this format : and it is always provided by the administrator of the tool, it depends on the configuration of the server.