[Deprecated] CDA model based validation

Warning: This documentation is out-dated, newest version of the documentation is available at https://gazelle.ihe.net/gazelle-documentation


The CDA model based validation is a tool to validate CDA documents based on model specification. The validation can be done from the EVSClient or from a webservice of validation. Actual online validators are BASIC-CDA and XD-LAB validator. You can use the tool to validate the conformance of CDA document with various specifications.

  • Basic CDA (conformance to HL7 CDA specifications)
  • CCD
  • IHE Pharmacy domains profiles : 
    • Laboratory Domain (LAB)
      • IHE - XD-LAB : Sharing Lab Report profile
    • Pharmacy Domain (PHARM)
      • IHE - PHARM Prescription : Pharmacy Prescription profile
      • IHE - PHARM Dispensation : Pharmacy Dispense profile
      • IHE - PHARM Pharmaceutical Advice : Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Advice profile
    • IT-Infrastructure Domain (ITI)
      • IHE - XDS-SD : Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing of Scanned Documents profile
      • IHE - BPPC : Basic Patient Privacy Consents profile
    • Radiology domain (RAD)
      • IHE - XDS-SD XDS-I.b : Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging profile
    • Patient Care Coordination Domain (PCC)
      • IHE - PCC BASIC : validation according to the list of templates of PCC domain
    • Cardiology Domain (CARD)
      • IHE - CARD Cath Report Content (CRC) : Cath Report Content profile
      • IHE - CARD Registry Content Submission (RCS-C) : Registry Content Submission profile
  • epSOS CDA
    • epSOS - Patient Summary Pivot
    • epSOS - ePrescription Pivot
    • epSOS - eDispensation Pivot
    • epSOS - Patient Summary Friendly
    • epSOS - ePrescription Friendly
    • epSOS - eDispensation Friendly
    • epSOS - eConsent
    • epSOS - Scanned Document
    • epSOS - HCER HealthCare Encounter Report
    • epSOS - MRO Medication Related Overview
  • ASIP 
    • ASIP - CDA Structuration minimale
    • ASIP - Fiche de Réunion de Concertation Pluridisciplinaire (FRCP)
    • LUX - Header Specifications


Validation from EVSClient

Access to the tool

You can access to the validator from http://gazelle.ihe.net/EVSClient/home.seam. Then from the menu, you go to menu -->IHE -->CDA --> CDA Validation.

For ASIP or epSOS the path to the validation page are respectively :

  • CI-SIS France --> CDA --> CDA Validation and 
  • epSOS --> CDA --> CDA Validation


The following screen capture shows the CDA document validation page. cd2

The tool offers the possibility to perform both a schematron and/or a model based validation. Here in this page we concentrate on the Model Based CDA Validation. For more information about Schematron validation of CDA document please refer to : 

In order to validate a CDA document you  first need to click on the Add.. button and upload the document to validate.

Then you need to select the validator to use in the listboxes. You need to select at least one of them.

To actually perform the validation you need to click on the "Validate" button.

Presentation of the GUI showing the results of the validation

The validation process checks that :


To track the error, you can go directly to its location on the XML file by clicking on the picture link (green arrow), as it it shown on the figures above and below : 


When you click there, you go directly to the XML view of the document CDA, and you can see the error, warning or notification message by setting the cursor on the picture that appear on the XML : 


Access to all validated CDA document

You can access to all validated CDA document by going to the menu HL7--> CDA --> Validated CDA : 


Here you can search for CDA validated using the model based tools. You have to use the attribute Model Based Validator, like this :


Validation using the webservice 

The validation of CDA document based on model specification can be done using an online webservice. This web service is : 


This web service contains an important method for validation of CDA document, which is : validateCDADocument