Connectathon 2016 Week Resources

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Testing schedule for the week


Mon, Jan 25, 2016  7:30 am -  4:00 pm EST On-site check-in / badge pickup
Mon, Jan 25, 2016  8:00 am - 10:00 am Connectathon Participant system set-up
Mon, Jan 25, 2016 10:00 am -  5:30 pm Connectathon Test Session 1
Tue, Jan 26, 2016  9:00 am -  5:30 pm Connectathon Test Session 2
Wed, Jan 27, 2016  9:00 am -  5:30 pm Connectathon Test Session 3
Thu, Jan 28, 2016  9:00 am -  5:30 pm Connectathon Test Sesson 4
Fri, Jan 29, 2016  8:00 am -  noon Connectathon Teset Session 5: Hard stop at noon


After-hours access:

Participants with a valid badge will have access to the Connectathon Floor...

      • mornings starting at 8am on Monday, and at 7am on Tues-Fri
      • evenings until 11pm Mon-Thurs.   No re-entry is permitted after 9pm.  All Participants must leave the test floor at 11pm.

There is no support from volunteer monitors or technical management outside of the daily Testing Sessions; during after-hours, will be preparing for the next day.

Daily 'need to know' announcements

The Connectathon venue makes oral announcements impractical.

Please check your email at 9am and 1:30pm each day. We will send twice-daily "need to know" announcements to the na_connectathon email list.

Seating Assignments

-- Seating assignments - There are two tabs in this spreadsheet. On the first tab, each cell represents one table with two chairs; table locations are identified by a letter/number, eg L28. The second tab shows seating assignments sorted by Organization.
-- Connectathon floor plan

Network Info

Wireless / General

    • SSID:  NA2016
    • Password:  cleveland16
    • Security type:  TBD

Wireless / PCD Testers

  • SSID:  PCD
  • Password:  cleveland16
  • Security type:  TBD

Printer (table )


    • IP Address: TBD
    • Model:  TBD
    • Driver:  TBD 


Gazelle on-site:

Outside of Connectathon floor, URL remains the same:

Guidance for Monday's session

We hope you've already reviewed the 10 Connectathon Tips from the Pros.

Monday 8-10am is for system set-up.  After 10am, we expect you to perform testing. Here is guidance on goals to accomplish during Monday's testing session:

    • Configure and connect to tools for your profiles.
    • Complete the 5-minute Consistent Time "CT_Client" test
    • Content Creators -- submit CDA/C-CDA docs into the samples area of gazelle for evaluation
    • Modalities/Evidence Creators -- submit DICOM samples into gazelle and the Central Archive
    • Submit media you create to the assigned Monitor -->  XDM and PDI media to monitor Penny at table H24 
      • It is good practice to hand a monitor your media rather than just dropping it at the table.
    • Any other tests labeled "*_Do_This_First" or "*_Read_This_First"
    • In general, work on other no-peer tests.
    • Then, move on to peer-to-peer tests.

Ask questions. Get help:

IHE USA staff - Help desk

      • logistics, "I'm lost", shipping...

Network staff - (J31)

Tool help - see next section

Steve Moore - (K28)

      • First & last resource for technical support.  Ask me anything.
      • PCC and C-CDA/HealthStory tests, test requirements & grading
      • "I need to drop a profile/actor"
      • Gazelle help

Eric Poiseau - (L28)

      • LAB, PATH, PHARM tests, test requirements & grading
      • Gazelle support

Lynn Felhofer - (H28)

      • ITI, QRPH, and Radiology tests, test requirements & grading
      • Monitor support

Paul Sherman - (F35)

      • PCD tests, test requirements & grading

Assigned partners for some profiles

Tools - locations & support

Training material on various tools is here:

Tool errata - as we find issues with tools, we will document them here:

Integral Tools

The tools listed in the first table below are considered an integral part of Connectathon testing. These tools are referenced in Connectathon tests and are part of the test procedure.

Tool Used for Location / Config info Support

Gazelle Itself

Test Management

Eric (L28)

Gazelle Security Suite

TLS client / server simulator


 Eric (L28)

CDA Validation (several)

PCC, QRPH and C-CDA Testing

IHE CDA Overview of Testing Procedure

Steve (K28)

Clunie DICOM Tools

DICOM validation

See configuration in gazelle for OTHER_IHEUSA_Clunie_DICOM_2016

David C (L23)

DICOM Central Archive

Archive for DICOM objects

GUI front-end:

password: admin/admin (to add your AE title so the archive will accept your association)

IP addr / port: /  11112


Steve (K28)

Gazelle EVS Client

Home page

Eric (L28)

DICOM validators (DCCHECK, dcm4che, Dicom3Tools, Pixelmed-REM, dcmcheck)

Eric (L28)

HL7v2 validator

HL7v3 validator

Eric (L28) 

PDF/A validator (XDS-SD)

Eric (L28)

XDW validator

Abderrazek (L27)

Gazelle proxy

message capture/validation (non-TLS)

Eric (L28)

NIST HL7 v2.x

For 2 QRPH messages

Rob S (H32)

Patient Generation

Patient Generation and Sharing

Gazelle menu: Connectathon -> Connectathon -> Patient Generation & Sharing

Abderrazek (L27)

PCD Tools

PCD Message Validation

John (F37)


SAML assertion provider - XUA and SeR testing

Abderrazek (L27)

XDS Tools 

 XD* profile testing

 - Endpoints for the XDS Public Registry - Red, Green, and Blue - are on: http://nist1:9080/

- XDS toolkit: TBD

- XDS Registry Dashboard: from the toolkit home page, select Connectathon Tools --> Dashboard

 Bill (K27)

XDS Toolkit 2016

Bill (K27)

Backup or Experimental Tools

The tools listed in the table below are considered as backups or possibly experimental.

Tool Status Used for Location / Config info Support

Clunie DICOM Tools


DICOM Object Validation

See configuration in gazelle for OTHER_IHEUSA_Clunie_DICOM_2016

David C (L23)
Gazelle EVS / HPD validator Backup     Abderrazek (L27)
Gazelle EVS / DSUB validator Backup     Abderrazek (L27)
Gazelle EVS / WADO validator (XDS-I.b) Backup     Abderrazek (L27)
Gazelle XDStar Client Backup   http://vm-tools-na-2016/XDStarClient Abderrazek (L27)
HPD Provider Directory Test Tool Backup HPD Federation Option None
Order Manager Simulator Backup

Send HL7v2 orders


http://vm-tools-na-2016/OrderManager Anne-Gaëlle (L27)
Patient Manager Backup PAM, Patient Management http://vm-tools-na-2016/PatientManager Anne-Gaëlle (L27)
RFD Simulator Experimental RFD based profiles Ralph (J26)
XCA Tools Experimental XCA testing Beta testing: Conformity Assessment Bill (K27)
XCPD Experimental   Beta testing: Conformity Assessment  
XDS-I.b Conformity Assessment Experimental XDS-I.b testing Best testing: Conformity Assessment  Steve (K28)