Connectathon results

Grading the systems during a testing event is a manual process performed by the testing session managers.This section of the administration manual does not focus on the rules to grade system (they might be different depending on the testing events) but it describes how to do it with Gazelle Test Management.

You will access the connectathon result page from menu Connectathon --> Connectathon --> Connectathon results.

This page is divided into two parts; first you can filter the results and below the results (restrained to the filter criteria) are displayed.

In the first panel, a button labeled "Update results" can be used to force the update of the results. It will not grade the system, it will retrieve some information from the database like the number of test instances performed by each system and compute an indicator to help you with grading the systems.

In the table, a line is displayed for each actor / integration profile / option (AIPO) tuple registered by a system; in Test Management, results are given at system level even if we usually communicate the results at company level.

  • The column "Type" tells you if the system is supportive (S) or Thorough (T) for this AIPO.
  • Column "R/O" indicates the number of required vs optional tests to be performed by the system for this AIPO
  • Column "V" indicates the percentage of verified (successful) test instances versus the number of expected successful test instances
  • Column "W" indicates how many test instances are waiting for verification
  • Column "P" indicates how many test instances are in state "Partially verified" 
  • Column "F" indicates how many test instances are failed
  • In the "Partners" column, you will find, for each role involved in the test other than the one played by the system, the number of "used" partners versus the number of available ones. For each a tool tip give you the keyword of the role.
  • In the Tests column, the magnifying glass opens a sub table which gathers all the test instances related to this AIPO. To close a sub-table, click again on the magnifying glass. To close all the sub tables you have previously displayed, use the "Close and reset all details" button available above the table.
  • In the Results column, you can select the status for this line, it will be automatically saved

Finally, you can leave a comment to the user.

To help you focussing on the lines which need to be reviewed, lines are colorized and appears in grey if no result is set.