[Deprecated] HL7v3 Validation Service

Warning: This documentation is out-dated, newest version of the documentation is available at https://gazelle.ihe.net/gazelle-documentation 

Gazelle HL7 Validator embeds a web service interface to query the HL7v3 validation service. This validation service has been developed using the model-based engine. All model-based validation service exposes a web service which uses the same definition. Refers to the general documentation if you want to use this service from your application.

This service can be easily called using the EVS Client application. Start from IHE --> HL7v3 --> Validation.

The model has been generated from the HL7v3 schema available at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/TF_Implementation_Material/ITI/schema/HL7V3/NE2008/. Constraints have been written in accordance with the IHE specifications available in ITI Technical Framework Appendix O and the section from the ITI Technical Framework volume 2 which deals with the HL7v3 protocol.

The following messages can be validated using this service : 

  • PDQv3 Accept Acknowledgement
  • PDQv3 Patient Demographic Query
  • PDQv3 Patient Demographic Query Cancellation
  • PDQv3 Patient Demographic Query Continuation
  • PDQv3 Patient Demographic Query Response
  • PIXV3 Patient Identity Feed HL7V3 (Add Patient Record)
  • PIXV3 Patient Identity Feed HL7V3 (Revise Patient Record)
  • PIXV3 Patient Identity Feed HL7V3 (Patient Identity Feed)
  • PIXV3 Patient Identity Feed HL7V3 (Acknowledgement)
  • PIXV3 Query
  • PIXV3 Query Response
  • PIXV3 Update Notification 
  • PIXV3 Update Notification Acknowledgement
  • XCPD Cross Gateway Patient Discovery Request
  • XCPD Cross Gateway Patient Discovery Request (Deferred option)

Two additional messages can be validated with this tool though they are not HL7v3 based (but defined in the context of XCPD):

  • XCPD Patient Location Request
  • XCPD Patient Location Response