[Deprecated] Patient Manager - FAQ

Warning: This documentation is out-dated, newest version of the documentation is available at https://gazelle.ihe.net/gazelle-documentation

My SUT configuration does not appear in the drop-down menu

Two things can be the reason of this issue:

  1. According the actor you are testing, the listed configurations are not the same. Consequently, if you are testing against the PDS, check that your SUT is set as a PDC and if you are testing against the PES, check that you have configured your SUT as a PEC. Solution: edit the configuration and select the appropriate actor.
  2. If you are not logged in and your configuration has been set to private (You have uncheck the "Do you want this configuration to be public?"), you are not allowed to see it because the application can not identify you. Solution: logged in using CAS.

I do not understand the messages received by my SUT

In order to be compliant with the highest number of systems, we have chosen to ask the user which encoding character set is supported by his/her SUT. This option can be chosen in the "SUT configuration" page. If none is given, the default one is UTF-8.

In another hand, if you try to send a patient with european characters using the ASCII character set for example, it is trivial that some characters cannot be "translated" and consequently not understood by your SUT.

HL7 validation says my message contains errors but I think it's wrong

Two answers:

  • Only the international Technical Framework is taken into account by now, if you are developing a national extension, there might be some differences
  • We do our best to maintain the HL7 message profile files as the new versions of the Technical Framework are released, we may have missed some changes, so please, be kind, and report those issue into JIRA under the PAMSimulator project so that we can take your remark into account and, if needed, update the message profile.