In this “test”, Creators of DICOM objects submit a sample data set that will be reviewed by other Consumer test partners. The goal of this test is to prepare Consumer actors (Image Manager, Image Display) so they are not surprised during Connectathon events.

In order to facilitate this testing, Creators....please submit your samples 2-3 weeks before the usual pre-Connectathon test deadlines

Sample  Creator(s) Consumer(s)

DICOM image(s)


Acquisition Modality in various profiles

Evidence Creator or Modality in various profiles

Image Mgr, Image Display, Dose Reporter or Consumer


Instructions for DICOM Image or SR Creators;

  1. Determine a representative set of image(s), or a Structured Report, that would help other actors understand your content. We do not expect you to generate images for every combination of parameters; pick one set of parameters. However, if your system supports more than one SOP class, or can use more than one transfer syntax, we expect you to upload representative samples for each.  Create file(s) of these objects (i.e. .dcm files).
  2. Assuming you have this ability, render the images or SR that you produced as a reference. The goal is for an Image Display actor to examine your rendering and compare to what their software produces. Perform a screen capture and/or save as JPEG or other reasonable format.
  3. Upload sample objects and the screen capture snapshot into Gazelle Test Management (EU or NA) under Connectathon-->Connectathon--> List of Samples. On the Samples to share tab, upload your sample image(s) under the DICOM_OBJECTS entry.  On the "summary" tab for the sample, you will see a list of Attributes.  Choose the attribute that best describes your sample (e.g. "NMI" for a Nuc Med image, "SWF.b" for a general sample for that profile, etc)  Refer to these help pages for details on managing samples in Gazelle.
  4. Some image sets are too large to upload, and Gazelle reports an error. If you encounter this, please contact the Connectathon Technical Project Manager for instructions on alternatives.
  5. Create a short txt file indicating you have completed the upload step. Upload '''that''' txt file into gazelle as the result file for this pre-Connectathon test.
  6. You may submit more than one set.
  7. There is no specific evaluation for this test.  Feedback comes as your partner Image Display and Image Manager partners test with your images in their lab.

Instructions for DICOM Consumers;

  1. Find sample images uploaded by other vendors in Gazelle Test Management (EU or NA) under Connectathon-->Connectathon -> List of samples.    On the Samples available for rendering tab you will find DICOM_OBJECTS submitted by other vendors.  (When a Content Creator or Form Filler has uploaded a sample, you will see a small triangle in front of their system name.)  This page will evolve as vendors add samples, so be patient. 
  2. Find the samples that are relevant for your storage or display application.
  3. Retrieve the DICOM or zip files created by the other vendors.  Refer to these help pages for details on this task in Gazelle.
  4. Examine/import/render them so that you are confident your software understands the content.
  5. When you are finished, create a .txt or other file that lists the samples you tested with, and a brief comment on your result (eg "ok", or "could not render"). Upload that txt file into gazelle as the result file for this pre-Connectathon test.
  6. If you find issues with the images, send an email to the Connectathon Manager.
  7. The evaluation of this test is performed by examining the text you provided to make sure you made a good faith effort to review the sample images. If you find problems with some samples, we will give your feedback to the Modality test partner.
  8. The goal is no surprises.

Finally, for both Creators & Consumers

  1. In Gazelle Test Management, select menu Connectathon-->Pre-Connectathon testing 
  2. Find the entry for this test instance, and change the status to "Verified by Vendor".  This is a signal to the Technical Manager that you have completed this task.