Entering system information -- profile/actor/options to be tested

In Gazelle Test Management, the term "system" refers to a set of application functionaity expressd in terms of IHE profiles, actors, and options.  An organization may register one or more systems in a testing session.

The "system" participates in the testing session with peer "systems" from other organizations.

"System registration" is an important step because the profiles/actors/options you select drive much of what happens during the test session.  It determines:

  • what test tools you will use
  • what test you will be required to perform
  • who your test partners will be

Starting system registration

First, ensure that you are logged into the Testing Session that you want to register for.   The name of the testing session is displayed at the top of the page whenever you are logged into gazelle.  You can learn more about testing sessions here.

Next, the system registration page is accessed through Gazelle menu : Registration -> Manage Systems.

On that page you can : 

  • Add a system : This will create a new system in the Gazelle tool.
  • Import systems from another testing session : A click on that button enables you to copy a system from a previous testing session into this new testing session.  The new systems contains all of the profiles/actors/options that you registered in the previous session.  You will be able to modify them if you wish. The name and the keyword of the system are appended with the string "_COPY" in order to distinguish the new system from the old one. 

The instructions below assume you select Add a system.

Completing the System Summary

You will be prompted for general information to identify your system:

  • System/Product Name - this is how you refer to your system within your organization
  • System type - you will select from a drop-down list of labels that are general categorizations of systems under test (eg "PACS", "EHR", "GATEWAY").  There is no right or wrong selection here.
  • System keyword - this is how we will refer to your test system during the testing session. This field is auto-filled by Gazelle.  It is a combination of the system type you selected and your organization's acronym (eg "EHR_ACME").   You can append a suffix to the gazelle-generated value.
  • Version - an optional field that enables you to identify the version of your product
  • Owner - this is a user within your organization who will have primary responsibility for managing this system during the test session


Completing the Profiles/Actors tab

After saving the system summary information, Gazelle creates a System Management page to collet information about your tests system.  

The next step is toProfiles/Actors tab and Edit.

Select "Click on this link to add IHE Implementations..."



Next, you will use the dropdown lists to select the Domain, Profile, Actor, Option supported by your system.  After making your selection, click on "Add this IHE Implementation to this system."  You will repeat this procedure for each profile, actor, and option your system supports.  Note that the "None" option represents the baseline requirements for that profile/actor without any option.


When you have selected the profile, actor, and options for your test system, they will appear on the Profile/Actors tab of your system's registration as follows:


Finishing System Registration

To finish your system registration:

  1. On the "Profile/Actors" tab, look for the yellow "Missing Depenendencies" button.  If it appears, it means that you have registered for a profile/actor that has a dependency on another profile.  Select the button to complete registration for those dependencies.
  2. On the "Profile/Actors" tab, some of the profile/actor pairs you selected may be eligible for "Supportive" testing.  "Thorough vs Supportive testing" is explained here.
  3. On the "System Summary" tab, change the Registration Status from "In progress" to "Completed".   This is a signal to the technical manager of your testing session that you have completed your registration for this system