27 Jul 2012

EVS Client Application Version 3 is now available

Submitted by Eric Poiseau

We are very pleased to announce the release of the EVS Client V3.x : http://gazelle.ihe.net/EVSClient
The EVSClient is a web application that allows users and developers of healthcare application implementing IHE profiles to check the conformity of the messages exchanged with reference to some healthcare standards like HL7v2, CDA, Dicom,...

This new release provides an harmonization of the call to the different validation services used in the context of the Gazelle platform.

  • Reorganization of the menu :
    • This reorganization allows to better differentiate the call of the validation service in the different context (IHE, epSOS... and additional ones to be expected soon)
    • Menus entries are accessible through direct links for better accessibility or referencing on documentation or in test descriptions
  • Addition of statistics information about the use of the tools and the use of the different validators. 
    • Some of the statistics are public and as a user you can now get a feeling of the use of the services (through the EVS Client). 
  • Harmonization of the stylesheet to display the results of validations. 
    • The harmonization of the stylesheets used by to display the outcome of the different validators is now harmonized over the tools
  • Addition of the support to model base validation of CDA documents, XDW documents, SAML assertion, ATNA audit messages and XDS meta data. Note that all the model based validation are not yet available but this version of the EVSClient has now all the support to this new set of validators.
  • Various improvements of the design of the GUI for easier integration of new validators. 
    • Enabling/Disabling of validator through the administration menu
    • Configuration of the validators (end point, usage, stylesheets...)
  • Note that, if you are not logged in, every document/message you validate is stored in our database, referenced and available to everybody. If you do not want to have your documents/messages public, log in using the "CAS login", it uses your Gazelle's (EU-CAT) credentials.

    We hope you will appreciate this new release. If you'd like to find more about the EVSClient please visit the documentation,  We will appreciate your feedback and suggestions. As usual the suggestion and problems can be report in our Jira at the following URL : http://gazelle.ihe.net/jira/browse/EVSCLT

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