We use DICOM validator tools hosted in the Gazelle External Validation Service (EVSClient) to evaluate your DICOM objects.

In this test, Acquisition Modality & Evidence Creator systems evaluate samples of Composite Objects that you create using the DICOM evaluation tools available in the Gazelle External Validation Service (EVS).   This test also applies to actors such as Importers that modify objects originally created by other actors.

The number of evaluations you run depends on the types of images or SRs that you produce. We will not list specific requirements, but ask you to apply good judgment. For example, a CT scanner that produces Localizer and Axial images would evaluate samples from both of those image types. A CR device may evaluate an AP chest, a lateral chest and an image of a limb.

You must evaluate and provide the output for at least one DICOM Composite Object using '''one'' of the available validation tools (your choice).  One or more of these tools may be available from within the Gazelle EVSClient.  (Note:  The links below are for resource pages for each tool.)

Evaluating your objects using the different tools available as well as evaluating different objects can only help your implementation.

There are two ways to access the validators: (1) in the Samples of Gazelle Test Management, or (2) directly in the EVSClient tool.  Either method may be used.

(1) Instructions for accessing the DICOM validators from the Samples area of Gazelle Test Management:

  1. Access Gazelle Test Management (eg Gazelle NA or Gazelle EU) and log in.
  2. Select menu Connectathon-->Connectathon-->List of samples
  3. Select your test system from the dropdown list
  4. On the 'Samples to share' tab, find the entry for 'DICOM_OBJECTS
  5. Select the '+' and proceed to upload a DICOM file(s)
  6. Once the file is uploaded, you will be able to use the green triangle icon to call the DICOM validator in EVSClient.


(2) Instructions for accessing the DICOM validators in the Gazelle EVS Client Tool:

  1. Access the Gazelle EVS Client: http://gazelle.ihe.net/EVSClient
  2. Select menu IHE-->DICOM-->DICOM validation
  3. Upload the file you want to validate.
  4. Then, select one of the DICOM validator tools from the dropdown list.  To get the best coverage, we encourage you to try multiple validators, as applicable.
  5. Click Execute.
  6. You will see your results. (to find them later, Select menu IHE-->DICOM-->Validated DICOM objects)
  7. The tool identifies errors in your content.  Examine your results.
    -->You are finished with this test when you have either satisfied all of the errors detected by the tool. If you disagree with the results of the tool, you can write a short (1 or 2 line) description that describes why your object is correct and the DICOM tool software is in error.
  8. Find the Permanent link to the results

Finally, capture your results:

  1. For this pre-Connectathon test, instead of uploading a log file, you will paste the Permanent link to your results.  Copy either  the permanent link to your sample or the permanent link to your results in the EVSClient and paste it into the comment field of the EVS_DICOM_Object_Evaluation test instance in Gazelle Test Management. (This is also where you can comment on the results of the validation.)  
  2. Change the status of the test to Verified by vendor