You will use the Gazelle EVSClient to validate HL7v3-based messages.  

These messages are applicable across many IHE profiles.  The messages you validate will depend upon the profile/actor pairs supported by your test system.


  • Access the Gazelle EVSClient application: http://gazelle.ihe.net/EVSClient
  • From the EVS Client user interface, select menu IHE-->HL7v3-->Validate
  • Upload the XML file for the HL7 message produced by your application
  • You have a choice of a schematron or Model Based Validation for many messages.  We encourage you to perform both, if available.
  • Some transactions require actors to support multiple messages. If multiple messages are listed, test them all.
  • The following schematron validations are available.  Note that the tool is updated over time, so there may be additional validators available in the tool itself.
    • ITI-44  Patient Identity Feed (Register/Admit, Update, and Merge)
    • ITI-45 PIXv2 Query Request
    • ITI-45 PIXv3 Query Response
    • ITI-47 PDQ v3Patient Demographics Query Response
    • ITI-55 XCPD Cross-Gateway Patient Discovery Request
    • ITI-55 XCPD Cross-Gateway Patient Discovery Response
  • The following Model Based Validations are available:
    • ITI-44 Patient Identity Feed (Add, Revise, and Merge record) 
    • ITI-44 Patient Identity Feed Acknowledgement
    • ITI-45 PIXv3 Query Request
    • ITI-45 PIXv3 Query Response
    • ITI-46 PIXv3 Update Notification
    • ITI-46 PIXv3 Update Notification Acknowledgement
    • ITI-47 PDQv3 Patient Demographics Query (incl continuation, cancellation)
    • ITI-47 PDQv3 Patient Demographics Query Response
    • PDQv3 Accept Acknowledgement
    • ITI-55 XCPD Cross-Gateway Patient Discovery Query Request & deferred option 
    • ITI-55 XCPD Cross-Gateway Patient Discovery Query Repoonse
    • ITI-56 XCPD Patient Location Query Request
    • ITI-56 XCPD Patient Location Query Response
    • XCPD Accept Acknowlegement
  • Click on Validate.


  • The EVS Client creates a Permanent link to your results.
  • For this pre-Connectathon test in gazelle, paste the Permanent link(s) to your results into the comment field, instead of uploading a log file.
  • Change the status of the test to Verified by vendor